1. She is doing her homework now.

Her homework is being done now.

2. they were playing computer when the phone rang.

The phone rang when the computer was being played by them.

3. The artist was painting his painting.

the painting was being painted by the artist.

4 . They have planted the flowers.

The flowers have been planted by them.

5 . Kate will finish her novel tomorrow.

The novel will be finished by Kate tomorrow.

6 . Ann has seen that film.

That film has been seen by Ann.

7 .Tom has cut his finger.

The Tom's finger has been cut.

8 . Dan Brown hasn't written a new book for two years.

A new book hasn'y been written by Dan Brown for two years.

9 . Laura bought a present.

A present was bought by Laura.

10 . Johny Deep acted a role of Edward in a Tm Burton movie.

A role of Edward in a Tim Burton movie was acted by Johny Deep.

11. My husband will make it. 

It will be made by my husband.

12. Dan Brown wrote "Da Vinci Code"

"Da Vinci Code" was written by Dan Brown.

13 . The storm destroyed the houses.

The houses were destroyed by the storm.

14 . Alex was mending his bicycle.

Alex's bicycle was being mended (by him).

15 . Ann made dinner before her husband came back home.

Dinner was made by Ann before her husband came back home.