01. What makes true friendship?

Life without friends would be really hopeless. Living on someone's own is very hard. You don't have anybody to share your problems and joys with. I think that having friends is very important part of our life. However, not everyone can be my friend. A friend is someone special, someone you can trust and depend on. Nowadays people often carelessly choose them and then comes disappointment.

There are some character traits which in my opinion are important. I have a few friends and every one of them is different.

First one is really outgoing person and is an optimist by nature. We can always go to the party or to the disco. He has great sense of humor and I never feel bored with him. However, there are moments when having fun is not most important for me. When I feel a bit depressed or lonely the only advice which I can get is: "don't worry be happy". That is why this relationship is based rather on shared partying and this person is not someone who can listen to you very carefully. On the other hand I can depend on him in other things, for example he helped me with the move.

My second friend is very intelligent and smart. However, he is not the most handsome he is very sociable. He knows a lot and talking with him is like great intellectual adventure. I can ask his advice any time I want and he always has time for me. On the other hand his knowledge is sometimes overwhelming. The problem is he often thinks that his solution is the best and all others are wrong. It's sometimes very hard to get through his self-confidence.

At last but not at least I would like to describe my best friend. The most important of her characteristic is that she is very trustworthy person. I can tell her everything knowing that she won't give it away. She understands me and I can share with her my worries and joys as well. Despite she is not perfect because nobody is I know that I can rely on her. She is definitely my closest friend.

On this examples I wanted to show that everyone has something to share with. It's good to have more then one friend but it is also important to differentiate between real friendship and casual acquaintance.

Finally, I think that one of the most important thing in friendship is to focus on not only what you can get from others but rather on what you can give them.

02. Should every adult have unlimited access to firearms? - discuss.

A lot of controversy has aroused over this matter. There are advantages and disadvantages of letting people possess a gun. However, the arguments for lifting the ban on free gun trade are often missed. For example followers often emphasize that criminals have unlimited access to guns on a black market and bans and regulations strikes only at honest citizens. They forget to mention that there are legal procedures which allow people to get guns. I have nothing against controlled marked of firearms and I feel much safer knowing that people on the street are generally unarmed. Except firearms there are also many other means of personal defense. You can buy a special shock gas in spray or an electric shocker and you don't have to have any permission. There are other ways of repelling an assault and you really don't have to have a gun. It's easy to pull the trigger but consequences are very often miserable. In case of mistake the remorse would kill you not mentioning imprisonment. That is why I'm against unlimited access to firearms.

03. Where would you go for summer or winter holidays?

I would like recommend everyone the place called Dolomites. It's ski resort in the north-east part of Italy. It consists of twelve ski regions with hundreds of ski runs and great accommodation base. You can enjoy skiing from January till late spring in a stable weather conditions. You can also skiing in the night because slopes are well prepared and illuminated. If you like meeting new people there are also a lot of pubs, restaurants and discos. After long day on the slope you can relax in the hotel swimming pool or sauna. It's great place and I will go there again for sure.

04. What kind of holidays do you prefer?

In the summer time I would like to go somewhere where it's not so hot. Especially when you live in a big city you would like to take rest from the heat.

The best place to have a rest from the heat and rush is mountains, especially the wild ones. There is nothing between you and the clear sky. Hiking in the mountains is also a good way of healthy holidays. The fresh air and physical effort will help you to "recharge your batteries" for the rest of the year. It is also great thing to connect active leisure such as trekking with lying on the beaches of the hot sea. It sounds impossible but there are many places where mountains are close to the sea. After hiking you can take a rest at the seacoast - for example the Crimea peninsula, Romania or Bulgaria.

There are of course some disadvantages of going to the wild mountains. For example tourist base in places like this is still very underdeveloped. The other thing is that in case of bad weather there may be really dangerous, especially in high mountains. Anyway I prefer this kind of relax than sitting on a crowded and noisy beach.

Of course most of my friends prefer resorts and spas than relax in the primitive bosom of nature.

05. Advantages and disadvantages of school.

In all civilized world children are obliged to go to school. Some of them are doing it with pleasure but most of them not - especially teenagers. What is the cause of this situation? Are there really any reasons for not liking your school? What are advantages and disadvantages of charge-free studies? Should people pay for education of their children?

What is the reason of an aversion to school? Many of us would do anything to not to go to school. But at the same time many of us understand that it is necessary if you want to study at the university and earn decent money. Furthermore manyof us think that school time is one of the best periods of our life.

School helps us to develop our characteristics. We learn how to manage with stress or how to make friends. First come simple problems such as lack of homework. But with the passing of time appear bigger ones. For example we learn how to avoid bad influence of our friends or how to manage with demanding teacher.

In schools we fell for the first time in love, we make friendships. Generally we can say that it is the place of our socialization and without it would be difficult to live our adult life among people. Lessons if well carried out help us to understand the world. Able teachers can encourage us to acquire knowledge by ourselves. During physical education we can learn to swim or play basketball. School provides us not only mental but also physical development.

But of course there are also dark sides of going to school.

In polish schools conditions during classes are sometimes disastrous not only for pupils but for teachers as well. I can't imagine putting myself in teacher's place. For example it is very hard to teach for example languages when there is 30 people in the room. Not everyone is interested and in the big groups it is harder to maintain discipline. On the other hand salaries in education are not high and as my teacher said one day - "that is why in schools stayed only losers and hobbyists".

Some classes starts very early in the morning and it is also hard to wake up at 6 o clock, especially in winter when it is dark and cold outside.

Public educational system doesn't mean that it is free. Working part of the society is paying for it in their taxes. I think that private educational system is the future. First of all in good schools teachers would earn more money and it would help to attract rather hobbyists than losers. In present situation parents doesn't have any control where and how their money is spent. Public schools should be only for poorest children. Of course there are no obstacles to organize well-developed grant system at the same time.

As far as I'm concerned school isn't so bad. There is a lot of time anyway for any non-school activities. So if you want to acquire knowledge there is no school in this world which would do it for you. But of course it may be very helpful.

06. Is motherhood for every woman? - discuss.

Hundred years ago it was extraordinary to meet a woman at the university. She was told to stay home and take care after children. Nowadays situation has changed radically. Women want to learn, they are in politics, they run firms and they are better than men in it very often. I'm far from telling all women what to do but the truth is that something called maternal instinct exists. Many women want to forget about it and they do. But they remind it is often too late.

I can imagine that there are women on this earth who doesn't want to born children. But my opinion is that most of them sooner or later would like to have a child. Sometimes the problem isn't in not wanting to have a child but in not knowing the right father. But the most common reason for which women don't want to have children is career. Often women think that it is impossible to combine family life with a career. But there are many examples that it is possible. Modern medicine gives women a choice when to get pregnant. The truth is that there isn't good time for pregnancy. For women it is really time of a great effort. They put on weight, their backs hurt, their feet swell, not mentioning serious medical complications. As if that weren't enough with the birth of the child your previous life radically changes. That is why I can understand women who don't want to have kids. The only problem is that when they achieve final success they want more and it is often a kid. But sometimes it is too late. As far as I'm concerned the question is not if every woman ought to have a child but how conscious their choice is.

07. Characteristics of an ideal teacher - discuss.

There is a famous song of legendary rock group Pink Floyd called "Another brick in the wall part 2". It has become the hymn of rebellious pupils. One of the best known verses is "teachers leave the kids alone". There were big doze of the truth in those words because school can be traumatic experience. However in my school career I have met only one teacher who was rather repulsive figure. Most of them weren't maybe the champions of the world but they didn't want any harm for their pupils and some of them were really brilliant and managed to establish very good contact with us.

My high school biology teacher used to say that his aim is to teach us how to use our brains. He preferred activities which taught us how and where collect information. Of course he also demanded basic information to be learnt by hart. For the first two years of the high school he demand information from all of us but later he was very understanding for pupils which weren't interested in biology as far as they didn't disturb him to guide the classes. Although I preferred history I attended biology classes with pleasure. Our biology teacher was also our class tutor and he helped us to organize really great and not so expensive trips to Italy. He was very enthusiastic and had great interpersonal skills.

In my opinion perfect teacher is one who can show their pupils how nice and fascinating acquiring knowledge can be. It is a man who can establish close and friendly contact with his pupils. We used to call our biology teacher "an uncle" during school trips. But he managed to keep necessary reserve which helped him to avoid loosing of respect. It is important not to try being a pal because students don't respects teachers who try to creep to them. Another characteristic of a perfect teacher is dedication to the subject he teaches. Although I wasn't interested in biology I attended after-school bicycle trips with biology club in which we rode to forest and studied its environment. I don't have to add that those "science expeditions" was led by our biology teacher. The perfect teacher also has to have great sense of humor because without necessary reserve to his person he wouldn't be able to keep psychological balance needed in his work.

09. The features of perfect school - discuss.

As far as I'm concerned it is impossible to create perfect school because for climate of this institution consist not only walls but also people and they aren't perfect. But of course there are some features which every decent school should have. First of all every normal school should be a place friendly for teachers and pupils. Only people who work in stress-free environment can be calm and relaxed. People get nervous and nobody is in the mood for acquiring knowledge. To make teaching less stressful it is necessary to cut the quantity of the pupils in classes which shouldn't have more than fifteen people. It is also a good idea to separate girls from boys in the classes but I have nothing against co-educational schools. There are serious surveys which prove that students achieve much better results in non co-educational classes. The cause is that boys or girls instead showing-off really pay attention during classes. A good school should be also well equipped. Of course it doesn't guarantee success but it helps a lot. Class room packed with teaching aids if not properly used is useless. Sometimes teachers are too lazy to use what is hidden in wardrobes. In almost every class room should be computer with direct connection to the Internet. There should be also large library with very rare and specialized book collection because all most well known books are easy to get in city library. Every good school should have well-developed scholarship and grant system. There should be also possibilities to go abroad. There should be also special foreign exchange programs. Education is the future and it is pity that politics prefer to spend money on armaments than on educational system.

10. What would you like to do in your future life?

People love planning and wondering what they would do if…

I'm not different than others and I also make plans. But I think that it is very important to remember that there are situations in which you have to revise your guidelines. There are different types of plans, there are plans for vacations, plans for career and plans for future very similar to dreams. I also have mine. As to my educational plans I would like to pass one of the Oxford language exams but I don't know yet which one of them. I was thinking about CEA but I'm afraid that it would be too difficult for me at the moment. Anyway sooner or later I'm going to pass CEA but my final goal doesn't directly concern languages. I think that English nowadays is like Latin in Middle Ages and not knowing it is kind of modern analphabetism. That is why I'm planning to continue learning English because it will help me to get better job, meet interesting people or communicate when being abroad.

I still don't know where I would like to live but it would be a big city for sure. I don't like this small-town atmosphere and lack of perspectives. I still don't know which city it would be. But one thing I know for sure that I would like to stay in this city in which I will study at the university.

I think it is enough for the moment and if only half of it went as planned I would be pleased.

ver. 2

In the future I would like to be rich and famous. I could be the richest man on the planet, a movie star or any other kind of celebrity. It would be a great life. I would spend most of the time traveling in my private jet or yacht, banqueting and partying. I would meet only famous and rich people. My house with huge pool would be on the hill and I would have cars and young French maids. I could buy anything I want and do whatever I like. I would have so much money that I wouldn't have to work at all. Maybe I would buy one of the famous film studios and start making movies. I would be in the newspapers and in the TV just because of my wealth.

Of course there are some disadvantages of being rich. There are bandits who can kidnap your beloved dog to extort a high ransom. There wouldn't be much room for your private life because of inquisitive paparazzi who would follow your every step.

Regardless of it I'm determined to be rich celebrity and all the pluses outweigh the minuses.

11. What was the most important experience in your life?

One of the most important events of my life is whole period of studying at the university. It was time when I grew up and become really independent. On the third year I went on foreign scholarship to the USA. It was one of turning points of my life. This stay in the US has changed me completely. I was a boy when I went abroad and I came back as a man. It is easier to go to the European country and it is easier to go back. You pack your things and come back. In the US it's not the same. You have to book your flight and sometimes there are no vacancies so you have to wait, sometimes a week but in other cases even a month.

Everything is so different from Europe there. You are completely new in the dorm and you have to make friends with natives. There is of course language barrier so I don't advise anyone who doesn't speak at least English to go abroad on the scholarship. And if you think that you can speak English very well prepare yourself for unpleasant surprise. There is a big difference between buying newspaper and studying from English textbooks. You will need to learn all new professional vocabulary. Except feeling lonely and far away from home there are of course other problems. You have to get a part-time job because your grant doesn't cover all expenses.

12. My hobby.

I think that it is necessary to have a hobby. It is kind of escape from reality. It is like having a small virtual kingdom only for your own. But hobbies can be also dangerous. When you devote everything just to do something it is not a hobby any more but an addict.

I'm rather active person and that is why I have many hobbies. I can group my free-time activities in two classes. First one would be intellectual hobbies and second one is physical activities. As for the first group I would count in such hobbies as listening to the music, strategic computer games, reading books and newspapers and at last but not at least learning foreign languages. To the second group I rate trekking, traveling, exploring interesting places, yachting and riding on the bicycle.

I think that balanced intellectual and physical progress is one of the most important things in our life. But most important thing in exploring the world is curiosity. You have to be like a small kid - curious and delighted of everything, trying to examine surrounding world.

13. What is better to do - read books or watch television?

I think that you cannot say that reading books is better than watching TV and vice versa. Reading only love stories or superficial illustrated magazines isn't better than watching Brazilian soap operas. On the other hand watching television is in my opinion far more dangerous. It is very easy to become TV addict. You come back from work and the very first thing you do is turning the television on. When you watch it you don't have to think at all. Of course there are also interesting thematic TV channels such as "discovery", "HBO" or "animal planet". There is even special term for selective TV watching - "zipping". But most likely people don't care what they watch and most of it is intellectual junk. On the other hand it is impossible to read something which doesn't interest you so it is sure that you won't waste your time. Books develop imagination of the reader. Newspapers provide much wider spectrum of the events than news on TV. That is why in my opinion it is far safer and better to read than watch.

14. Advantages and disadvantages of watching TV.

TV was invented in thirties of the last century. This invention has changed people's consciousness. It was turning point compared only with inventing newspapers in the end of the eighteenth century. TV was very important for politics. They received enormous mean of wielding influence on the society. You don't have to be able to read to watch TV! That is probably the cause of rapid development of public TV companies. Wilding influence was also a goal of private companies which profit depended on broadcasting TV adds.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages of watching TV. The Earth is really big and even if we have infinitive money we wouldn't be able to go everywhere and see everything. Thanks to TV we can see different places, learn something new and we don't have to go there. Travels broads our minds and we can travel with "Discovery channel" to the most inaccessible places on the planet such as an interior of an ant hill. There are so many channels that we can choose anything which interests us. There are ones which broadcast movies all the time, there are special channels about animals, history, politic events and many others. There is so much information in the air that we weren't able to process them.

On the other hand watching TV can become an addict. You don't know why and when you become an TV addict. When you watch TV more than four hours a day you should try to limit yourself. If you find it impossible you should contact a specialist. It is true that TV can broaden our minds but it also can make you more stupid. Most of TV shows are on a pathetic intellectual level because they are made for everyone. And the truth is that masses are totally numb. That is why there is so many violence and sex in the TV. In my opinion television isn't necessary equipment in the house. I don't have one and I regret it hardly ever. When it is really something interesting in the TV I go to my cousin. Thanks to it I'm not watching it very often and it isn't absorbing my time.

15. Compare advantages and disadvantages of bicycles with cars.

Cycling today is still very popular not only as a kind of sport activity but also as a way of transport. For example in Netherlands cycling is very popular. There are special bicycle lanes in every city and cycling is a part of Dutch life. They ride a bicycle although all of them have cars and they could use them. It is different in other parts of the world for example China. There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing and it is the most popular mean of transport. The cause of this is very simple - bicycles are cheap and you don't have to buy petrol.

Main advantage of riding a bicycle is that it is very healthy. It helps to keep fit and build muscles, it is good for lungs and hart. In the urban area it is also fastest mean of transport. When others stay in traffic-jams you can ride easily through. Cycling is also nature friendly because it doesn't emit fumes into the atmosphere. But it is sometimes hard to ride a bike to work every day if you live twenty kilometers from your workplace.

On the other hand cars are also useful. Especially during winter and rainy weather it would be hard to travel without them. They are also very convenient when doing shopping for whole family. When going on vacation it is more convenient and cheaper for family to use a motor car. Of course there are also disadvantages of using cars. They emit fumes and are cause of the smog in cities. Petrol isn't cheap as well. As always there are advantages and disadvantages of using cars and bicycles.

17. Are zoos good places for keeping animals? Discuss

I have nothing against keeping animas in the zoo. It isn't maybe the best place for wild animals and they surely would be happier living in the bosom of nature. But I think that it is the best way to examine the habits of wild animals and the more we know about them the better we can protect them. There are many species threatened with extinction. Thanks to surveys conducted in the zoos scientist could test the best ways of protecting them. There are many examples when specimens from the zoos were the base of reviving population of endangered species.

I cannot understand opponents of zoos. Of course I think that animals in the zoo should have provided conditions close to natural. It is better not to keep them at all than torture them with small and filthy space. I think that keeping animals only for people's entertainment is cruel but in the zoos work mostly men devoted to their work and really great lovers of animals. Zoos are far different from circuses.

18. Keeping pets are only trouble. Discuss.

Many people love animals and they keep them at homes. There are several groups of people who like having a pet. There are of course lonely ones, especially old ladies who treat their dogs and cats as they were their children. They talk to them, they sew for them special vests etc. Even though it is sometimes ridicules I can understand lone people because loneliness is really hard to bear. Second group are parents who bought a pet for their kids. It is very common that stupid teenagers want a dog but after few days they are not interested in carrying after them.

What hurts me most is irresponsibility of some pet keepers. Some people don't care after their pets in the proper way. It is sometimes caused by their too good faith. For example feeding your dog with ice-creams normally is a cause of diarrhea. But most often lack of proper care is caused by laziness and lack of responsibility of people. Sometimes these lazy and irresponsible pet keepers are also cruel. During holidays there are not so isolated cases of abandoning their dogs in woods along roads which leads to holiday resorts.

When you want to buy a dog or other pet for yourself or your kid remember that animal is not a stone and also feel pain, fear, happiness etc. It is your duty to take care of it, a duty which you have voluntarily chosen.

19. What is the best way of studying foreign languages?

First of all you have to want it very hard and be patient and methodical. Everything else is easy.

You have to remember that nowadays knowing languages is practically necessary to get a good job and earn decent money. Maybe remembering it will help you to get necessary motivation.

There is a part of material which is very boring. It is of course grammar which you have to understand and sometimes learn it by hart. It is impossible to learn foreign language when you are forced to do it. Basic and most common way of studying languages is taking private lessons and learning from colorful textbooks. It is of course very useful. It helps you to learn regularly and you can ask for advice your experienced teacher. But it's not enough. Except taking language lessons and learning from textbooks I think that the best and the fastest way of learning any foreign language is to plug into communication stream. It means reading books, listening to the radio, watching TV or movies with subtitles. Going abroad to the country which language you study and speaking with native speakers is also very helpful. It allows you to test your language skills and gives you satisfaction when you discover that you can communicate with each others

20. My favorite holidays.

Last year I had the best holidays of my life. Me and my parents we went together to our cottage at the lake. We always spend there together three weeks of our vacations. It is always fun but last year it was the best.

As usual we packed our things at the beginning of July and we were ready to go. When we arrived it was already dark. We managed to unpack our things and put them in the house. It was very dirty inside beacause there was no one from the last vacation. The next day me and my mum we cleaned everything and dad was repairing some faults. In the evening we made a fire and we were talking.

After one week we decided to go for the disco with my parents. They were drinking some beer and I was dancing with a boy who was there alone. We came back home and I went to bed. It was very funny night. My parents were a little drunk and I was talking with that boy. After all I forgot to ask him for his name. I left the disco and I didn't know who was he. I was sad about that because I liked him very much.

The days were passing very fast. My father was fishing and my mum and I we were sunbathing. Through all those days I was thinking about that "beautiful stranger" and I couldn't forget him. I thought that it was just one night and he probably wouldn't even recognise me.

At the last day we were cleaning the house and we were packing our things. We were ready to leave. When we went on the road we saw a boy who was hitch - hiking. We stopped to take him because my parents were always traveling that way when they were young, too. When he sit next to me it turned out that it was a disco - boy. I was wondering if he remembered me. I couldn't say a word. But he was feeling the same way. He was from the same town as we and he was one year older than me. His name was Tom and he IS my boyfriend now. That was the best holiday of my life.

21. What would you choose: money or career?

The life nowadays is very hard. The world turns very fast. People work a lot and they have to choose between their family and career. Very often people who would like to be successful in their private life have to resign from their career. On the other hand those who work a lot and who are making their career are unable to have family because of lack of the time. It is not easy to join those things together.

If you want to be successful in your job you need to work very hard. Very often people who work in all kinds of firms have to be available for 24 hours. They can be asked to come to the firm at every time. The worst thing is that we have got cell phones so your boss can call you wherever you are. This makes you and your family feel very uncomfortable.

On the other hand you want to earn money because the needs are very big. If you have got children you are trying to get enough money to bring them up in optimal conditions. You want to have a house, car, good computer, and so on. All those things are very expensive, not mentioning clothes and food. This all needs and desire of being safe are also making us work much.

The next thing is our ambition. It is very hard to resign from the wealth and fame if you are young, ambitious and strong. You want to make many things. Very often you are thinking of changing the world. You want to buy a house and have a good car. Is there any place for your family in the world of needs and money?

However money are very important and useful they cannot give us happiness and we should remember about that. The only thing that will make us happy is our family. There is no bigger joy in the world than watching your children growing up. There is also your wife or husband standing next to you who is always making you happy and who is your best friend. Very often you earn your money and you don't have time to spend it.

Furthermore, in my opinion family is not an obstacle in a way to be successful. You just need to remember that it is family that should be on the first place. I also think that if you are happy with your work and you feel satisfied you will be also more happy in your private life.

Finally, I hope that one day I won't have such problem. I know that the family will be the most important thing for me. I would like to be a techer so I am not worring about my career. I will have plenty of free time and I will stay with my family then. I would like to be happy with my husband. I am only worried about my future husband. What job will he have? Will he have time for me? I hope that I will be happy.

22. The grandparents and grandchildren - do they understand each other?

Grandparents are the best people in the world. They will always try to help their grandchildren and will find a way to keep in touch with them. Grandparents, although they are older than our parents, are less quarrelsome and they don't see problems everywhere.

Grandparents are very often thought to be better for their grandchildren than the parents for their children. I think that I know why it is like that. In my opinion parents are responsible for their children. They try to bring them up well, they want them to have good jobs and be happy. But this is why parents need to argue with their children. If you want to have a good job you need to study hard and that is what children hate to do and parents need to shout at them.

That is the main reason why grandparents seem to be better than parents. Grandparents don't have to worry about their granchildren's education, good jobs and friends. They are absolutely free from the responsibility. But it doesn't change the fact that they were the same for the parents of their present grandchildren. Granparents are meant to spoil their grandchildren.

On the other hand grandchildren love their grandparents for all the sweets, cakes, tasty food and sometimes money. Grandparents will always protect their grandchildren and thay will never argue with them.

I love my grandparebts very much.

23. Can you get useful knowledge during traveling? What is your opinion?

We learn new things through all our lifes. The world is changing so fast that we need to learn very quickly and very fast. We learn through reading newspapers, watching TV and listening to the radio. We learn through walking around and talking with people. We learn through traveling. In my opinion people who travel learn much more things and are much more opened for different situations.

First of all when you travel you meet different people. Tis is very interesting part of traveling. Those who you meet are usually helping you somehow. They can also tell you what to do in their country, how to behave and what should be seen. They can also tell you interesting stories. The most important thing is that you learn a lot by talking with people from villages and towns who are not from tourist center. It is very exciting when you need to talk with them in their language; sometimes it may be even funny.

Another thing is that while traveling you are visiting places which where created by nature and by people. Very often before travel or during it you read about places which you would like to see. That means that you learn a lot new things. You are gathering a large knowledge about some places, you make the pictures of them.

Furthermore while travelling you are learning a lot about people and the country but not only. It is also great lesson for you. You learn a lot about yourself. You have to learn how to be independent, sometimes you may be in strange and dangerous situation and you have to handle with it. You are learning how to talk with people and you are learning their customs and habbits.

In my opinion traveling is one of the best way of learning. People who travel a lot have got interesting life, they are very outgoing and they have got a lot of experiences. I think that traveling is the most interesting way of learning. You are seeing all those things about which you are reading. I would like to travel through all my life.

25. Which book or film would you recomend to the readers?

My favourite book is "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. This is the second book of this author. The first one was called "Angels and Demons" and was a kind of introduction to the next book. This is a story which is breath taking and gripping. It is full of mazes, riddles and secrets. You will find there adventure, love, religion, mistery and murder.

"The Da Vinci Code" is a book about a famous profesor who is a symbologist. He is being called to the museum where a dead body was found. The dead man turned out to be very well known custodian. He was killed but in a very strange way. He was undressed and the strange sign was burnt on his chest. Mr Robert Langdon was called to uncipher the sign. After all it was him who was accused of murder. The whole story is very complex but there is one person to help him - Sophi Novou. She is braking codes and ciphers for the government. The murdered man was her grandfather and there are some things which she thought to be suspicious. She decided to help Robert and then the whole adventure starts.

This is a great book for everyone who loves adventures, thrillers and action. I can assure you that you won't be bored till the last page of this book. For all those who like interesting books this one is not to be missed.

26. Famous people and their private lifes.

In my opinion it is not that easy to be a famous person. All of us always think that it would be great to be famous, to be in the newspapers and to write the authographs. But the real life is very different and being a star not always means being happy. The fame is very difficult and stressful. Imagine that whatever you do you need to watch out because there is always somebody who will make you a picture or will spy on you. Imagine that awful and untrue things are written about you in newspapers and people believe it. Imagine that you have got no privacy at all. This can make you crazy. Sometimes we hear about famous person who had beaten a reporter and I am not amazed at all. In my opinion it is also very hard to have a family when you are famous. It is hard to trust your wife when you read about her affairs in the newspaper. On the other hand the fact that there is always a lot of people around you whenever you go, may be very pestering.

So, if you want be famous you need to prepare for a hard times and take into account that you will have no privacy any more. Do you want to be famous?

28. Which place is better to live in, city or village? What is your opinion?

Living in city , in small town and village have got adventages and disadventages like everything in our life. I think that it is every person who should choose what she likes. Some people can live in the village and that is their paradise, they would die if they went to live in the city and some people can't imagine living in the countryside and even their vacationes are connedcted with exploring another city.

In my opinion living in big cities may have many adventages. To start with, in big cities it is much easier to find a job. There is many possibilities and there is many offers. You can do whatever you want and you can choose your job. You can move near to the place where you work and thanks to that you have got more free time which is not waisted for the journeys to work. If you live in the village there is very often not much to do there. People have to go to the nearest town or city and look for the job right there. But this takes much time. Very often you agree for a job which is offered to you and you are not thinking if you like it or not you just take it. This is rather sad because we spend a lot of time in work. It is much better to have job which would be suitable for you and which would give you satisfaction.

Living in city may be very interesting and you have no time to be bored. If you live in a city you can do a lot of things. You can exercise as there is plenty of fitness clubs, swimming pools, and so on. In the evening you can go to the pub or to the disco and dance. The other time you can go to the cinema, theatre, opera. Furthermore there are many concerts, events. While in the village you have got just your house. There is not much to do. You can go for a walk to the forest. You can invite your friends and you can prepare a grill. But that is all. If you want to go somewhere else you need to take your car and it means that you can't drink.

The next thing is that in big city it is easier to do the simpliest, everyday things like shopping for example. Always, when you live in a city it is not a problem to go shopping. You can go to large shopping moles and to the hippermarkets whenever you want. They are opened all day long and often in the night, too. If you haven't got your own car you can take a bus which is for free if you go to the supermarket. If you forget to buy something you can go to the nearest shop which usually just behind the corner. You can also call a plumber when there are any faults in your sink, basin, bathtube, and so on. On the other hand when you live in the village when you need to go shopping you have to take your car and it will take almost half a day. You can't forget anything because it is too far to come back to the shop. Even if there is any shop near your house it is usually closed very early.

In my opinion living in the city is much more comfortable and easier than living in the village. I would never like to live in the country. I think that I would be bored there. In the city I can always find something interesting for me.

29. What is your opinion about marriage? Do you think it is necessary?

Marriage is a relationship of man and woman who had sweared to be together for the rest of their lifes. It is also a connection of money and other goods which they buy together. On the other hand marriage is a kind of insurance for partners.

In my opinion marriage is very important thing in our lifes. When you are with other person for a very long time and you love him or her you finally want to have children. Marriage is helping people in the decission. When you have got husband or wife it is much easier to have children because you are sure that the partner who sweared in front of so many people and often in front of God won't leave you with the child.

On the other hand you know that if something will happen to you there is sombody to help you. Someone who becomes very important to you. Of course it happens very often that people get divorced but I think that the marriage help in overcoming the hard times and problems between two people.

I hope that I will get a good husband one day.

30. The biggest problems of young people.

In my opinion being young is not that easy as it seems. You have got a lot of problems which may look funny for the elder but they are not funny for you. The worst thing is that when you are young you make a lot of mistakes because you have got no experience. You learn what is good and what is wrong.

In my opinion the biggest problem of young people are drugs, alkohol and cigarettes. People who are young want to behave like adults and they want to be older. That is why very often they things which are forbidden for them. The worst thing is that young people don't know the border and they are almost overusing all those substances. They start smoking cigarettes and drinking alkohole and nowadays very often they start taking drugs. The problem not only is that teenagers want to try things which are forbbiden for them but also they are under the pressure of their peers. It is very hard to say "NO" when everybody in a group are doing the same things. Young people are looking for big groups of peers because it gives them the feeling of independece, safty. Unfortunately, very often this groups have got very bad influence on youngsters.

In my opinion all problems may be eliminated if teenagers will find help in their families and parents.

31. Are the foreign languages important in our lifes?

Nowadays foreign languages are very important. Almost everybody can speak the other language and all children are studing languages in their schools. I think that knowing other languages may be very helpful in our lifes. Today in the world with borders which are so easy to be crossed it is very important to speak another language.

In my opinion the most important foreign language is English. It is the language which is being used as an official language in countries like: USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zeland, Irland, India. This language is very popular because a lot of people use it and because it is easy. If you can speak English you can be sure that you will find somebody who will understand you wherever you go.

First of all, knowing other language can be a way of earning money. When you speak foreign languages you can be a traslator, you can be a pilot of tours, you can be a teacher. There is many possibilities for people who can speak other languages. It will give you a large chances of getting good job.

The next thing is that when you know foreign language, let's say English, you can understand people and that is a great feeling. When you know English you can watch films and visit many interesting countries. People who will see that you were able to learn their language will treat you much better and they won't try to cheat on you. In my opinion English is like Latin in Middle Ages. Everybody who was educated could use Latin. People who could speak Latin were getting good jobs usually around the king or queen. Nowadays it is the same with English. You have to know this this language if you want to be somebody.

Furthermore, by learning foreign languages your mind and brain is kept in a good shape. It is a great advantage. By learning languages you are using your memory and that is a great exercise for your brain. You have to learn thousands of new words, grammar and you need to use it. Learning languages is very useful for you mind.

Moreover, it is commonly known that when you learn one language it is very easy to learn another one. This is a great news. It shouldn't be amazing when we hear that there is a person who speaks five languages because the hardest one is the first one. When you speak English it is easy to learn Spanish because there is a lot of similar vocabulary. When you know English and Spanish, Italian language is yours. Spanish and Italian are like Czech and Slovakian language, differences are very small. If you know Italian and Spanish you can easily learn French, and so on.

I think that learning languages is very exciting. I love the feeling of understanding other people and films. I like reading books in English. I think that it is the best exercise for my mind and one day I am going to learn five or four languages.

32. Parents and their children - why do they quarrel?

Everybody were quarreling with their parents. It is impossible to be a child and not to quarrel. This is a strange thing which is not to be changed. It is a part of our lifes. I think that the reason of our troubles with parents is connected with adolescence and its problems and the willingness of being independent while parents are treating us like children.

The first reason of conflicts with parents is that it is impossible to live with somebody and not to quarrel. We argue because we are different people. It is not children who argue with their parents. Parents quarrel bewtween themselves, too. It is absolutely normal and I won't belive when somebody tells me that he and his wife and children never argue.

Another reason is that children want to show their independence and maturity. Parents are afraid about their children. They try to protect them against misfortunes and troubles. That is why very often they say that we should do something or we shouldn't. On the other hand children want to choose it by themselves and they have to learn how to choose what is good for them. And that is the reason of arguments. In my opinion parents should learn how to let their children to decide about their lifes and on the other hand children have to learn how to listen to their parents.

Furthermore, we quarrel with our parents mostly when we are teenagers. This is a hard age of adolescence when everything looks like a big problem. Very often parents seem to forget about their youth and their problems at that time, they are laughing and they are not listening to the problems of their children. This may lead to many quarrels and it destroys the trust of children to their parents.

What we have to do to make our lifes easier for either parents and their children is to learn how to listen. Parents should listen to their children and let them decide in some matters and children should listen to the more experienced parents who are also our best friends.

33. What is your opinion about friendship?

Frienship is one of the most important thing in people's life. We need it like air, like love. It is a kind of relationship which helps us to go through the problems and misfortunes. I think that it is impossible to be happy when you are alone and when you have got no friends.

First of all, friendship is very strange relationship. Friend is somebody who you love but in a special kind of way. You trust your friend and you feel good in his company. You can talk about everything and you don't have to talk at all. You can quarrel and you can cry together. Your friend can understand you and will support you in difficult moments. This is a person who will always be next to you.

I think that we need friends to feel comfortable. It is great when there is somebody next to you who can understand you without words. It is also not important to have many friends but to have real friends. Friendship is worth all money. Sometimes when we feel really depressed our friends may help us and make us feel better. Friendship is like a visit to psychologist. You can tell him or her everything and ask for advice. It is very important to have such a person.

I have got great friends who are very important for me. I would never let them down. They are the biggest treasure in my life. I hope I will never loose them.

34. What was the worst day in your life?

As well as we remember good things from our life we also remember bad things. All of us had a day which was a disaster for us. It is a memory which is not to be forgotten. Sometimes it was awful experience but very often after some time we laugh from our misfortunes.

I remember one such situation in my life. It was last year when I and my boyfriend and two of our friends decided to go on holidays. We decided to go hiking. I and my friend we were very happy and we were dreaming of this vacationes. It was supposed to be the biggest adventure of our lifes and turned out to be the worst holidays. We were prepering very carefully. We had good, hiking shoes, sleeping bags, tents, food for many days, cylinders and warm clothes. When the day came we had left our homes and we started our trip. It had started very good, the weather was beautiful and we felt great. When we arrived to the mountains it was still great. We pitched the tents and we went to sleep. As it turned out in the morning it was raining so we had to stay in our tents. It was OK. We were playing cards and we were laughing. But it didn't stopped till the next morning. In the morning we saw sun. We decided to go further. Although the weather was not sure we started climbing. When we were almost on the top the rain started to rain again. Everything was wet. There was no possibility to pitch the tents. We were walking in the rain. We were cold and frightened. We didn't have any place to hide. It was too late to walk down. We didn't know what to do. Fortunately my friend had noticed a shepherd's hut. We went there. I thought that we were saved. We made the fire and we started to dry our wet clothes. But the hut turned out to be our prison. We stayed there for another three days because it was raining all the time. We were drinking rainwater and we finished all food that we had with us. Fortunately after three days the rain stopped raining and we could go down.

Now I think that some situations were funny but we could die there. We were cold, hungry and wet. We had a lot of luck.

35. What would you like to do in the future?

Now my plans for future are to graduate from school and pass the entrance examination to the university. But later I would like to work as a doctor. I know that being a doctor is very hard work. You are responsible for people's lifes and you can't be mistaken.

I think that job is very important part of our lifes. We should do something what is not only a job but what is also a pleasure for us. We spend in work half of our lifes. That is why I would like to be a doctor. I think that it is the best job for me. My dream is to save people's lifes. I always wanted to be a doctor. I liked to cure my teddy bears and my dolls. In my opinion being a doctor is very responsible job. People are trusting you and they come to you asking for help. I wish I could help them. I know that this job is very tough as I need to know thousands of illnesses and medicines. I can't make a mistake because I can cause a death of my patient.

I hope that my dream will come true and one day I will be a very good doctor. Now I need to study hard. I wish I could safe people's lifes.

36. Do we need money to live better?

In our world money is one of the most important thing. It is money that decide about your place in society. Money can make you famous and money can destroy you. When you have got money you have got power. It is much easier to live with money. But on the other hand it was said once that money won't give you happiness, is it true?

Life without money may be very difficult. Nowadays everything ic connected with money. We need money to pay for food, for our apartment, for all pleasures. Everything is expensive and you need to work hard to earn money. It is sure that money will give you happiness. In my opinion if you have got money you have got a lot of possibilities. You can send your children to good school, you can live in a beautiful house and you don't need to worry that you won't have money for food. Thanks money you can also go on holidays. I think that it is work which can spoil everything not money.

To earn money people work very hard. It is very important to find a border between work and free time. We cannot forget that earning money is not everything. We need to find some free time for our family, hobby. We cannot work all the time. Nowadays, people forget about that border very often and that is why there is so many divorces and children which don't know their parents. I think that sending children to good schools is not enough. You can pay for their private lessons and buy them beautiful toys but this is not important for them. More than money children need your love.

In my opinion money is very important thing but it is not all. We can't become slaves of bank - notes. I always wanted to have enough money to buy a house and to buy food. The rest is not that important for me. I don't need an expensive car or cell phone, I just want to have a happy and loving family.

37. Who is the most interesting person that you have met in your life?

Through all our lifes we meet different people. Some of them are just shadows in our memory but the others are unforgetable. We remember those who had the biggest impact on our lifes. We have got our teachers, idols, mentors and gurus. I think that for me the most amazing and interesting person is my mother.

I am the last child of my parents. I have got three brothers and one sister who are older than me. But I am the only child in a marriage of my parents. Either my mum and my dad had a wife and a husband before they met each other. My father's first wife died because of cancer and they had one son. My mum's first husband was an alkoholic and they had divorced. They had three children together. My parents met about thirty years ago, and they got married. After three years I was borned. My father is twenty years older than my mum.

I think that mum is the most amazing person who I have ever met. She had very tough life. She was born in a poor family. She had four sisters and one brother but tow of her sisters and her brother died. She didn't have dad because he went crazy after his son's death. She was the youngest. When she was a child she was very poor and she got married when she was eighteen. After some time it turned out that her husband was an alkoholic. She had three children with him. She was very unhappy because she loved him very much and he was very cruel and he was beating her and the children. After 15 years she decided to leave him. She got divorced. And then she met my father.

My father was much older than my mother but she decided to marry him because she felt in love with him. But it was not easy to live with my father, he couldn't tolerate her children. Everything changed when I was born. He changed very much and he was much better for everybody. I was growing up in a happy family.

My mum, although she went through a lot of problems was still able to love. I know that she loves me very much. She tought me that you can't run away from problems. She made me belive in real love and friendship. She is showing me every day how much she loves all of us. She is also teaching me how to laugh and be happy. I wish I could be such a person. She is my best friend and the most interesting and amazing person in my life.

38. Where do you prefer to spend your free time in mountains or at the seaside?

Well, I think that the decission is very difficult. I like both places. I think that either seaside and mountains are very interesting and beautiful places. It is worth to see both of them.

I like climbing and hiking very much. I think that mountains are very beautiful. You will find there piece and fresh air. When you are standing in the top of the large mountain you feel so small and there you can see the power of God. I like hiking because when you walk all day you are so tired that you forget about all problems in your life. Later you have to pitch the tent and clean yourself. And you sleep like a log. And you wake up early in the morning, pack all the things and eat breakfast somewhere high in the mountains. You feel free. That is what I like about mountains.

On the other hand I like seaside. I think that it is also good place for vacation. You can rent a room near the beach. You get up late and you go to the beach. You can swim in the sea and sunbath. In the evening you can go for a walk along the seaside and then you can go to a disco and dance whole night. You can drink some alkohol and have fun with some friends. Very often at the seaside you meet new people who may become your friends.

It is hard to say which vacation is better. I think that it is good to try different things. Sometimes you feel like going hiking and sometimes you prefer to sunbath. I like both that things.

39. What is your opinion about cigarettes and alkohol?

Cigarettes and alkohol are the most frequently used substances. People use them to feel better, to have more fun. According to the law young people are not allowed to smoke cigarettes and drink alkohol before they are 18 and sometimes 21 years old. This substances may be very dangerous for human body and may be cause of addiction.

I think that drinking alkohol may be very good for human being. Unfortunately, people are irresponsible and they are often overuseing it. I think that drinking alkohol may be healthy and good for our organism. It was proved that drinking alkohol improve digestion. On the other hand many people drink too much alkohol. It is very dangerous as many people are driving cars when they are drunk. It causes many accidents in which innocent people die. A lot of people become alkoholics and they are drunk all the time. It is very serious illness which need to be clinically treated.

Cigaretts have got no good sides. They are unhealthy and addicting. I think that smoking cigarettes is awful. You breathe in the smoke of cigarettes and you are poisoning your organism with the cigarette smoke. Your lungs become black. The possibility of cancer and other diseases is very big. Moreover smoking cigarettes not only is harmful for the person who smokes but also for everybody who are around. It is even said that the non - smokers are much more exposed to the poisoning their lungs than smokers. It is extremly harmful for children to breath in the smoke.

I think that drinking alkohol may be fun and it may be relaxing as long as you don't have to drink everyday. It is for people but you need to be careful with overuseing it. As to cigarettes I think that it is very stupid to smoke. I don't like cigarette smoke and I don't like cigarettes. I think they are very harmful and bad for health. I am also too mean to spend money on cigarettes.

40. Internet - is it useful or not?

In our world the computers and Internet are as necessary as food and water. You can't work without them and you can't exist without it. The computers are helping us in everything. The Internet is heart of the computer. It is the great treasure trove of information. You will find there everything whatever you are looking for. Of course it has got its good and bad sides.

To start with, the Internet is very helpful for students. It is full of all kind of information. It is much easier to get the information from the Internet. You don't have to go to the library or when you are not sure of something you can check the answer in the Internet. The bad side is that you can also find there ready compositions. You just need to type the word or sentence in what you are interested and you will see thousands of web sites with esseys, compositions, cribs, and so on.

The next very important thing is that you can use the Internet as a mail. You have got your adress with password and it is very safe to use it. You can send e - mails whenever you want in the whole word. You can even talk with other people by chat or by skype. What you need to talk like through the phone is headphones and microphone. It is all very comfortable in use and what is more important is the fact that it is very cheap.

Furthermore you can also read books through the Internet. There are some Internet librarys from all over the world and you will find there books in all languages. It is also very useful for students. Moreover you can also download some music and even films. Although in many cases it is illegal everybody are doing that. The biggest danger is that you can open and download also some pornography. It is very harmful for small children who can use the Internet.

I think that the Internet is very important and it would be very hard to live without it. I like the Internet because I can find there a lot of interesting things, I can look for a job and I can read newspapers. On the other hand the Internet may also be addicting. I think that it is useful but we need to watch out to not overuse it.