Almost everybody know the story about "Goldilocks", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Cinderella", etc.. our parents were the first to read it to us. Later we were reading it by ourselves. Even nowadays, having twenty or more years, we like to come back to the storys and fairy tales.

To start with, fairy tales are the tales which are intented for children. Their purpose is to develop their imagination, teach them to distinguish between good and evil. Listening to the fairy tales is also a way of relaxation for children. The strange thing is that adults also like bed - time stories.

The fairy tales are written for children so the language is very easy in reception. The characters are also very simple. One is a hero and the other is a villain. In fairy tales the endings are always happy. Children want it to be that way. They have usually one, the most favourite story which they can listen over and over again. I think that adults like fairy tales because of that simplicity. It is good to listen or readJ about Cinderella, knights, castels, dragons, when we are after a tough day, after work or school. The bed - time storys are very optymistic.

Moreover, in fairy tales everything is possible. Very sick person may be healed, dead person may be revived, bad people may change and they are good again. The fairy tales are perfect to create children's imagination. You are creating your own characters. The fairy tales are beautiful because you always imagine things which are the most beautiful for you. You see things in a way you would like them to be. The same is with children. The more fairy tales they listen to, the better is their imagination.

Furthermore, reading fairy tales have got a practical aspect. Reading books improves spelling. Children who read a lot of books have got no troubles in school. Moreover, if they will get used to reading from the childhood, they will also like reading books in older age.

Fairy tales are very important in our lifes. They make us feel better and relaxed. We start to belive in better world. The main characters of different stories often show us a good way and sometimes even solutions in some problems. I can bet that almost all of you were touched by some fairy tales. The bed - time stories are not only for children. Just look at the cinemas, not only children go to see "The Nemo", "Shrek" or "Incredibles".