Many zoos were found in the recent few years. Such places are set up to provide us with entertainment or educate. Probably they fulfil their educational function, but there are a lot of reasons against the further development of zoos.

The first argument against zoos, is the fact that these animals are kept in unnatural conditions. This is against nature. On the other hand, some people keep animals at home and it is nothing wrong. But the difference is that, these few species the people used to keep at home are domesticated ones. In zoos there are wild animals which have been captured and imprisoned or have been born in this captivity. The limited space they are kept in probably have a harmful effect on them. In zoos they have to live in condition they aren't used to live. The other problem is the fact that capturing so many animals from their natural environment may cause some damages in the natural ecosystem.

Moreover, I would like to think about the aspect of entertainment. Zoos can be attractive only for children, because the adults seem to be very bored watching all these spices. The better idea is to buy a book about wild animals or watch a movie about them. What is more, walking around the zoo all day long can be very tiring and boring.

As a last argument I would like to show is the fact that keeping animals in the zoo seems for me to be immoral. Zoo is a kind of prison for animals. What could be funny in watching all these poor creatures in their small cages? Their behaviours are so unnatural as the conditions they are kept in. What is more, these animals are imprisoned in zoos against their will. Nature living conditions can't be replaced by these artificial ones. Even if we really wanted to create a substitute for nature we can't achieve that. The best living conditions these animals have in their natural environment.

To sum up all these arguments I think that zoos should be closed and nobody is allowed to decide about life of wild animals.