Many psychologists think that some factors influence on forming our personality and features such as sex, social class or position in the family. Most of the first-born children are good leaders and have organization skills, because they came as the first and after all. They are very ambitious and might be bossy or aggressive if they can't achieve what they want.

Middle children, on the other hand, are usually more independent and competitive. They are more sociable and enjoy spending time with other people. Sometimes they show the jealousy, especially when they felt that the parents favoured their brother or sister.

It is said that the youngest children are charming. Because of their charm they often try to manipulate the other people to reach their goals. They learnt very quickly and they have the examples of behaviour. Moreover, they are usually calm and relaxed. What is interesting, they aren't independent. They need many people to help them. It seems that they are able to achieve something on their own. They might be lazy.

Psychologists say that the only child is selfish. They received a lot of attention from their parents that they can't find anything interesting in other people. What is more, they become bored very quickly. They often find it difficult to communicate with the surrounding people. They can't receive the critical opinions. On the other hand, they are usually well-organized and more responsible.