Diana Frances Spencer was born in London, on 1st of July, 1961. Her parents were very well off. Her family was aristocratic. They were given the earl's title in the 17th century, from the hands of King Charles 1st. Diana's father was an officer attending King George 4th and Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Both grandmothers of Diana were nannies, they accompanied and looked after the queens when they were children.

Diana became recognizable to the whole world when Prince Charles- England's future king- proposed to her in 1981. Their wedding was looked at by millions of people. It took place on 29th July 1981 in St Paul's Cathedral in London. For many, such marriage was like a story from some fairytale. Unfortunately, it had no 'happy end'. Diana and Charles quickly discovered that they are not destined for each other. Although they shared many interest, looked beautifully together and had two sons- William and Harry, their love faded soon. It became clear to people all around the world that this marriage is unhappy. The separation was officially announced in 1989. Charles and Diana divorced in 1996.

Diana was proved to be great charity worker. She took care not only of her own sons, but for the ill and homeless people from the whole world as well. Diana is said to be the 'Princess of People's Hearts'. Her private life was still unhappy. She had several love-affairs. The last one- with Dodi Fayed ended tragically. Diana and Dodi were killed in the terrible car accident in Paris. People from the whole world cried after her death. She contributed to the improvement of lives of many people. Many others loved her as a strong and charismatic woman. The mourning of Diana's death lasted for a very long time.