The main purpose of the report is summing up different results of investigations concerning eating breakfast. The scientists claim that eating breakfast is very important for our health. It seems to be the basic meal for the body. We have asked 110 people about their eating habits.

What do we eat for breakfast?

The participants of the study were asked, what their breakfasts consist on. 73 per cent said that they eat sandwiches and drink some coffee in the morning. No more than 11 per cent declare that they eat cereals with milk.

Where do we eat breakfast?

Most of us eat their breakfast at home. 88 per cent of the participants eat in the kitchen, and 10 per cent eat in their bedroom. Mo more than 2 per cent declare eating breakfast at work or at school.

Is your breakfast heavy or light?

We were also interested, what products most people choose to eat for breakfast. Over a half of the participants of the study (56 %) said that they prefer eating heavy breakfasts- cheese, ham, eggs- because it gives them energy for most of the day. 43 per cent eat lighter breakfasts- yogurts, vegetables, fruit- because they want to stay slim and healthy. It seems important that heavy breakfast is chosen mostly by men, and women in general prefer light meal.

What are the conclusions?

It seems obvious that we understand that eating breakfast is very important for our health. What we eat depends most on the age and sex. Another important factor it the kind of job we do. People are aware that what we eat for breakfast has great influence on our body for the whole day.