TO: Mrs. Magda Donat

FROM: Suzanne Ciesielska

DATE: 25.10.08


The purpose of this report is to recommend two places of interest for a group of English teenagers to visit in Warsaw.

The Palace of Culture and Science

With reference to the Palace of Culture and Science, it is the tallest building in Poland and the seventh tallest building in the European Union. It is famous for its view terrace located on the top, thirtieth, floor. English students would be delighted to see a wonderful panoramic view of Warsaw. What is more, they would also be thrilled to get there by the fastest two lifts in Poland!

The Warsaw Rising Museum

As far as The Warsaw Rising Museum is concerned, it is a fantastic place to learn about history of Poland. It is modern and interactive, not to mention the amount of exhibits being on display. English students would be really interested in it, however it takes much time to visit it all.


In conclusion, I believe that these places are suitable for visiting by the foreign students. I would recommend to make them visit both places if possible.