Dear Jane,

I'm writing in order to give you some useful information about the preparation for the "Fun Run" race which will take place next month.

A good idea may be to arrange group sessions which will make you feel relaxed, full of positive energy and fit. Group sessions combine training to music, aerobics and exercises on a power station. There is also a possibility to sign up for dance classes. It includes waltz, mambo, samba, modern dance and ballet. Group sessions encourage you to work hard and at some time they give you lots of pleasure!

An interesting alternative is the "Swimming nights" organised by the local swimming pool. It has both indoor and outdoor pools at its disposal which is realy handy. If you want to admire the breathtaking full moon in the starry sky, you should choose the outdoor pool. However, if you want to benefit from winding slides, water whipes and jacuzzi, a good choice will be the indoor pool.

Another way to keep fit is jogging. It's a good idea to listen to music while jogging. Although it should be tampered adequatly to the tempo of your running. It will help you to keep it at the same level. It's also important to choose the appropriate place for your training - it can be a local park where you can sometimes come across somebody, who shares your interests.

What is more, there will be a supper party in the evening before the run. It will take place in the "Spice of life" restaurant. It will be a fancy-dress party, so make sure you have an original costume. There will be a wide range of wholefood, so everyone will be able to choose the meal to their taste.

The "Fun Run" is a great opportunity to raise the level of your physical efficiency combined with maximum pleasure. It's worth recommendating to everyone!

Yours sincerely,