In my opinion, we should better take care of animals. We have to respect their rights. Killing animals for fun must be stopped. Animals have their feelings and they suffer, when we are cruel to them.

Last year my mother bought me a fish. It's name is Iza. It is very small, red with golden eyes and it lives in the huge jar. It eats much, so it is almost round. It is really nice- when I am in my room, she always looks in my direction. I love my fish. I am generally keen on animals. They are very beautiful and nice. Sometimes they behave crazy, but it is only funny. I would like to have a dog one day.

There are also some animals, which I don't like. These are rats, snakes or spiders. I think that sometimes people treat animals very badly. For example when the animals are kept in the cages in the zoos. I also don't like the circuses, where animals are trained to make different tricks. Sometimes they are beaten there and it is terrible. In my opinion, animals' rights should be better respected. People who are in charge of animals, have to like them and treat them good. Each animal wants to have its home- some want to live in nature, others with people at the houses.

In my opinion, it is very important to build many hostels, where these animals, which have no home, could live peacefully. Today there are many organizations fighting for the rights and lives of animals. I really support, what such organizations do. Only people can help animals and make their lives better.