Animals in men's life.

Animals in men's life are very important and there are many people who treat them in a very friendly way. They feed their pets with the best quality food, they often keep them on their laps and play with them. Those pets are often combed, wear clothes, for example ribbons and woollen sweaters. Sometimes they take part in family celebrations. People treat their animals like best friends, and they even buy them jewellery. When the pet die they burry it on a pet's cemetery and sometimes even wear mourning clothes.

Some people also carry about wild animals. They feed them during winter and they build shelters for them. If think that it is praiseworthy.

Nowadays many animals are kept in zoos. People say that they keep animals in cages for their own good, to protect rare species against extinction and polluted environment. But according to me a lot of animals are kept in zoos only to be watched by people.

I think that another great problem is hunting for animals. Many people do that for money, and most of them do that illegally. Those are poachers. They usually hunt for endangered species, like sea-lions, gorillas and elephants. In my opinion poachery should be fully stopped by higher fines.

A very controversial problem is also carrying out experiments on animals. On a one hand, for example drugs tested on animals saves lives of many people, but on another hand animals suffer a lot during those tests. I think that we should be very careful of that important problem.