There are about 40,000 vacancies created by the government of the United States every day. Most of them I directed to the citizens of the United States, whereas the others are created for foreign workers. Employers decide to hire people from abroad, because there is the lack of skilled workers in the States. More vocational training should be offered in American schools. In this way students who don't studies at a college may be achieve some important skills. It may be very helpful in getting a better job.

I think that every secondary school should offer some courses of vocational training. All students would receive the education and some basic job skills in the same way. Besides English, math, history and geography the pupils should be thought some vocational subjects. It should be obligatory and everyone would have to take such subjects. The pupils should be prepared to find a job, when they graduate the school and decided not to go to study.

In education program there should be more vocational training, as it would a great possibility for these pupils who aren't going to study at university. There should be some different programs of vocational training such as auto mechanics or gardening. I think it will be very helpful. Pupils after graduation will be trained and they will have some basic skills, which are needed in getting a good job. Nowadays there are many students who are depressed, because after the graduation they can't find a job and they don't have job skills.

I think that it would be very beneficial for everyone who has graduated a secondary school. They probably will find a job easier. The fact is that today if you are educated and have some basic job skills, you will find a better job faster.

Moreover, it is said that students who didn't attend the vocational training won't probably get a good job. The possibilities of finding a good job are bigger, when the students are well-skilled. Every school should offer couple hours of vocational training. In this way some students who don't want to study would find a better job easier. Thus, they are educated and have the basic skills. The same knowledge of English, math, history or a foreign language won't be enough. The employers need something more and they won't hire someone without any skills. So the vocational training is necessary!