Vancouver is a city in western Canada. It is very close to the border with America. I visited Vancouver last summer and I was truly amazed by the city. It is really wonderful and certainly worth visiting.

The place, where Vancouver is situated, is extremely beautiful. It is just by the ocean and there are high mountains nearby. The Rocky Mountains seem to be growing out of the city. They look magically. When I first saw them early in the morning, I was so amazed that I could hardly breath. It was the more terrific that I could hear the sound of Pacific Ocean. I have never seen a city similar to Vancouver. It is different from any other places I have been to.

Moreover, people in Canada are really very nice. They are open, talkative, friendly hospitable. When you walk along the streets, they say 'hallo' to you. They are always ready to help you, if you need it.

One of the most interesting places in Vancouver are Chinese Gardens. It is very well organized and there are numerous wonderful plants. When you approach the gardens, you can smell something wonderful. It is a smell, which I cannot compare to any other. The flowers there are really beautiful and the whole gardens make an amazing impression.

There are also many interesting places for sport fans. For people, who like walking in the mountains, there are many interesting places. To the mountains you have to walk only 30 minutes from the center of Vancouver. You may go walking or climbing during summers. There are also great places for skiing there. On the other hand, if you prefer shopping, you will find places appropriate for you as well. On Robson Street, you will find many fashionable shops and boutiques. There are also famous restaurants and shops, where you can find souvenirs and handicrafts.

I recommend everyone visiting Vancouver. It is a wonderful place and I am sure that you all might find something interesting for yourself.