People are devastating nature. We cause only damages. Because of us the forests are dying, the ozon layer is being destroyed, the water is contaminated, the air is polluted, the animal are extincting. It is all people's foult because we have to use cars, oil, dodorants. We produce sewage and we kill animals. Why are we still alive?

To begin with, human beings started destroing planet from the beginning. We are very curious and we wanted to invent more and more things. That is why we produced cars and machines. It is true that they make our lifes easier but on the other hand their exhaust fumes are causing the air contamination. All gases we are producing are enlarging the hole in ozon layer. The Earth is enveloped in smog which is responsible for warming and greenhouse effect. People seem to forget that we need air to breath, to stay alive.

Another problem is water contamination. We are pourind sewage into the seas and oceans. There are more and more places where we are not allowed to swim because of high water contamination. If we are not allowed to swim there, how it is possible to live under water? What about the fish and other creatures, what about submarine flora and fauna? This is awful that people are devastating earth in such a way.

Moreover, we are causing the extinction of species. More and more animals are endangered. There are thousands of poachers who are killing animals in a very cruel way. They are killing them because of fur, ivory and very often just for satisfaction. Animals should have they own rights and people should respect them. Animals are our frinds and they are innocent. We have to protect them if we want our children to admire them.

In my opinion people start to take care of environment. It is our only way to stay alive unless we want to live in a world without trees and green grass, without blue water and blue sky, without animals. This will be our future if we are still destroying our planet.