One of the oldest feast in the world is THE NEW YEAR celebration. It was a very old pogan holiday which was celebrated by almost every civilisations and tribes all over the world.

Firstly I would like to go back to the ancient times. Thousands years before the Christ the civilisation of Babylon was developing. It was a country placed between two rivers: Eufrat and Tiger. Nowadays it is a land of Iraq. They celabrated the New Year in the spring. It was a time when everything was bringing to live. The same was with people. It was a time of freedom and realxation. The king was undressed from his robes and was sent away from the town. Everybody were able to do whatever they wanted. After few day king was returning. He was leading a big, festiv procession. He was richly attired into the best clothes. That meant the end of the festivities and a come back to work and everyday life.

In ancient Egypt the date of celebrating the New Year was different. For Egyptians the most important time of the year was the overflow of the Nile. People's crops and the same food and life was dependent on the river. If the flood was big that meant the happy year for people, so it was a good moment for celebration. After the overflow the stute of one of the Gods was taken to the river and was put into the water. Then the festivities started. They lasted about one month after which the statue of Amon was taken back to the temple. The celebration took place in September.

In Scotland the New Year celebration was also called Hogmonay. People were celebrating the end of the Old Year by burning the barrels with the tor inside. It meant that they are prepared for the New Year to come. They also believed that the first person who would enter the house and who would be a high, dark - haired man would bring a luck for all the year.

In China people celebrate the New Year after the long winter. It is at the turn of January and February. The festivities lasts for about month. All the shops are closed then. At the New Year's Eve families have a festiv supper and after it they give eachother presents. One of the traditional present for children are coins packed in special envelopes. Later people visit their friends and members of families. All cities and streets are decorated and everybody have got a great time.

In Brazil the New Year is also a holiday of the godess of the sea - Lemeneja. It is celebrated in 31 December. People gather on the beaches and everybody bring candles with them. They lit the candles and jam them into the sand. Everybody bring a present with himself to sacrifice it to the godess. People through the presents into the sea. The presents are usually flowers, cigarettes, bottles of alcohole, etc. After that people dance and celebrate the New Year.

There is nothing very special happening in Greece during the New Year's holiday. People usually gamble as they count on the bit of luck. Because if they win it woulde mean a good year. There is also a tradition of eating special New Year's cake. Inside there is one coin, who would find it in his piece he would have luck and money in the coming year.

In the Philippines The New Year is the family holiday. The tradition says that all the family must gather together in one place because it would mean that they will be together for the next year. They have supper and they have a nice time together. It is also very important to have a wallet full of money because it means that the coming year will be also rich.

In Poland the New Year is celebrated in 31 December. It is a time of parties and balls. When the midnight is coming everybody gother together in the market squeres of their towns and cities and count down the seconds to the New Year. When it comes champagne poppes and people great to eachother "Happy New Year". There are also beautiful fireworks and party till the mornig.

Every country has got different tradition and customs but everywhere the New Year is very important because it also means New Life. That is why it is good to make a resolution in the New Year evening.