Beatrix Potter was an author and illustrator of well know books for children- The Stories Of Peter Rabbit. The stories written by her were adored by many children and their parents.

Beatrix was born in England in 1866. As a little girl, Beatrix took music and art lessons. She had an older brother, whom their parents sent to boarding school when he was seven years old. Little Beatrix was very keen on drawing and painting. She was able to draw animal sand plants and her works looked almost like pictures. Her adventures with writing began in 1893. She started to write letters to a five- year- old boy. She started to describe the stories about a kid-rabbit Peter. In her letters there were also many pictures of the rabbit, illustrating his adventures. The boy, to whom Beatrix wrote those letters, was very ill and he had to stay in bed all days. The first letter began with these words: "My dear Noel, I do not know what to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits…" Soon, the stories written by Potter were published and she became really famous. The main character of most stories was Peter Rabbit. She also wrote 'The Tale of Mr. Tod' and 'The Tale of The Floppy Bunnies'. Beatrix Potter used to say that people liked her book so much, because she always believed in what she wrote. Moreover, she started writing as a child and her goal was to help the ill boy. She believed that she might help also many other children, who were very sad.