The books about Harry Potter became very popular. Not only children, but the adults as well read them and become their fans all over the world. What is it that makes them so interesting to so many people? Do they make us feel like children again? Do we escape from reality to the wonderful world of fantasy? Some say that that the mystery of their success is that they create the world, in which good and evil are so different from each other and they are clearly recognizable. The hierarchy of values is also very clear and simple.

The first book- "Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone" was translated into 47 different languages. More than 100 million copies were sold. Soon after its edition, the movie based on this book was made. It was so popular, that in 3 weeks time, it brought more than 800 million dollars. In the history of cinema, it is one of the films seen by the greatest number of people. It is on the fourth position, after Titanic, Star Wars and Jurassic Park. People working on explaining the phenomenon of Harry Potter say that these books invite us to the world of magic, where so many things become possible.

Nevertheless, the books of Joan Rowling have many opponents as well. Many people from the catholic church say that they have bad influence on children's minds. They say that the books propagate dark magic and make kids interested in dangerous supernatural forces. Furthermore they claim that these books are stupid and teach children nothing. In my opinion it is not true. And the priests should not tell us what to read or not.

Wondering about the popularity of the adventures of the young wizard, some sociologists say that the book perfectly filled the gap, which existed on the market. People simply needed this kind of entertainment. What might influence the success of the books is that they are so well advertised. The edition of each book is announced world-wide. The gadgets are available everywhere. Nearly every child has the own poster with Harry Potter. There are post cards, notebooks, pans, mugs and hundred of different things with the image of the characters from the book. There are groups of people, who dress like wizards form the story. The fans of Harry Potter have their clubs, they learn magic and try to become similar to wizards. Rowling gained great fame and is considered the ambassador of magic in the real world.

The first part of the movie about Harry Potter was made by Chris Columbus. Before the realization of it, more than 20 directors wanted to make this film. The third part is supposed to be directed by Steven Spielberg. However, many fans of the books were seriously disappointed, because the film is very different from it.

Up till now, all 7 parts of the book have been written. I think that everyone should read it.