I come from a small town, but I think that living in big city is much better and more advantageous than living in towns or in villages.

First of all, in the city it is much easier to find a job. You have more possibilities there and you have a chance to choose something interesting for yourself. Most companies have their residences in the cities. There are many more places, where it is possible to find a job. What follows, is that the city offers many more possibilities of education. There are many colleges and universities. Moreover, there are many language-schools there. There are also many sport facilities, like swimming pools, gym halls or tennis courts. In your free time, you can also visit one of the cultural centers. One can go to the cinema or theatre. There are also museums and galleries, where many interesting things are exposed. If you have enough money, you may go to a restaurant or a café. One can never get bored in the city.

Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages of life in the city. Most important seems to be the high rate of crimes committed in the cities. You can never feel safe there. It dangerous to walk at night. One may be robbed even during the day. What makes life in the city more tiring is that it is very noisy all the time. There are trains, trams and cars going. On the streets there are crowds of people. People living in the city are constantly in a hurry. They hardly ever get rest. Living in the city is stressful and unhealthy.

Summing up, in my opinion it is better to live in the city than in the country. But we cannot forget, that there are bad points of such life as well.