Charles the Great, called also Charlemagne, was a great leader of the country and people. He was powerful enough to change the history. He dedicated his life to make the world a better place. Moreover, he was a wonderful person.

Charles the Great was one of the greatest warriors ever. He was a leader of the Carolingian Empire, one of the most powerful. By the historians he is compared only to one leader- Napoleon. Charles lead his army to fifty-four campaigns of military character. Although his army was quite small -there were eight thousand soldiers in it- it was very successful. Charles's army was successful in the battles with Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

Charles the Great was a very smart and intelligent person. He supported the development of intellectual life. He managed to protect Latin culture. His efforts resulted in copying classical works of the Ancient Rome and Greece by monks from Catholic monasteries.

It is believed that the coronation of Charles the Great had some special meaning. It is supposed to have changed the history. On Christmas Day of the year 800, the pope Leo III crowned Charles- made him the emperor of Romans. For Romania, his coronation meant the beginning of the new era. It was the time of developing civilization. Moreover, making Charles the Emperor of Romans, symbolically meant also the diffusion of Christianity and Germanic culture. This is a very important foundation of the whole European civilization.

Charles the Great was a very influential emperor. However, he did not manage to build a strong government in his country. As the only means of transportation at that time was riding a horse, the leader could not get to know his people and their problems. He was also not able to control people and he did not know, if they were loyal to him. Charles had great power over people, but after he died, the Empire weakened. Charles's three sons divided the empire into three parts and each became the ruler of one of them.