In my opinion animals living in circuses are really unhappy. They live in unnatural environment and have no appropriate living conditions and they must feel terrible there. When we go to a circus, we look at the clowns and beautifully dressed artists and at the same time we have fun watching animals- elephants, tigers, monkeys and other- beaten by the trainer. It may be fun for kids, but all adult people should understand that these animals are really tortured. They must travel long distances and they are made to live in the cages, which are so small, that they cannot even move there. They have to train hard and be obedient to their trainers, which is not their natural behavior.

The situation of animals is different in the zoos. Most zoos try to provide good conditions, similar to the natural ones. They are not made to behave in some specific way. For some the climate may be inappropriate. It is not normal that tigers live in the same climate as polar bears for example. For some species, which are threatened by dying off, zoos are the only places, where they can procreate. Some animals spend their whole lives in captivity, so they don't miss freedom so much. All modern zoos try to make animals feel at home, as if they were in their natural environment. Many animals get used to that, but some feel so uncomfortable that the die of unhappiness.