Although my best friend is considered to be a little bit strange, people generally like and accept him. He is 25 years. Last year he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Toruń. He always says that an artist should not let contemporary trends influence him. Artists ought to create their own world and fashion. My friend paints and designs clothes. He dresses unusually. He always wears loose clothes, but he makes them himself. He likes dark colors, but he always has something red on- for example a tie or shoes. His hair is quite long and curly. Although long hair is not fashionable any more, he says that only such haircut suits him. Some people say that his appearance is inappropriate for ceremonies like weddings or funerals, he doesn't care much for that. He is always clean and smells with good perfume. He can match different clothes in such a way that he looks really neat and smart. Some say that his appearance is odd, it is wonderful and original as well.

He loves nature and animals. He is dedicated to fight for animal rights and ecology. Today there are many people who do similar things, but he is the only one I know personally. He lives in the countryside and sometimes he wakes up at 4 a.m. just to admire the sunrise. He frequently goes to the mountains and other places, where he can walk very long distances and adore the beauty of the world. He is keen on observing animals, especially birds. He always thinks about the protection of natural environment. When he does his shopping, he always takes his own bag and he never uses plastic bags. It is because they are not degradable. They poison the environment for thousands of years. There are many people, who consider his behavior stupid. But their attitude towards ecology is just another reason for my friend to fight for it. He is aware of the fact that even those people benefit from what he does. And apart from such them, there are others, who know that he is right and who admire him.