It is a popular saying that man is a social animal. All of us need society of other people to feel happy, however nowadays more and more people are single. There are different reasons for that, some choose to live alone and do not feel lonely, others have no alternative. Nevertheless, even those who are in relationship sometimes need some privacy and want to be left alone with their thoughts. Living alone seems to have many advantages.

To start with, living on your own can be very comfortable since you are not dependent on anyone and you do not feel any sense of control. You can do with your time whatever you want to and do not need to explain to anyone where you are going are where you will be back. If you are not a stickler for cleanliness, you do not need to bother about keeping your things in order, tidying your room every day or doing washing-up after every meal. Another good side of living alone is the fact that you can listen to your favourite music and no one will complain that it is too loud. Moreover, the choice of TV channels you will watch depends entirely on you and you do not need to make any compromise and watch, for example, a football match in order to have a chance to watch soap-opera later. And, being the only user of the bathroom, you can enjoy long baths or showers since no one will rush you. A very important advantage of living on your own is also the fact that you learn independence and responsibility because you must remember about paying bills on time or about doing shopping. Since there is no one you can count on, you learn to take care of yourself.

Despite of all the advantages, living alone has also manydisadvantages. First of all, if you are an outgoing and sociable person, you may find it hard and depressing to be on your own all the time. You may soon become tired of doing everything alone and may start to miss somebody's comapany while watching TV or even eating dinner. Besides, if you do not share your flat with anyone, there will be no one to look after you when you fall ill. In addition, you may need a friendly chat from time to time, some pieces of advice or consolation when you have some worries and a flatmate can be really helpful then. Even such simple thing as cooking is much more enjoyable if you do it with somebody or for somebody.

All things considering, it seems obvious that living on your own have both good and bad sides. The truth is, however, that most of us need other people's society and do not want to spent the whole life alone. Therefore, at some point of our lives, we decide to partly give up our independence and to settle down and start up our own families. However, not everyone is meant to live in a relationship. Some people do not want to make any compromise and deliberately choose to live alone.