I have always dreamt about going on a fantastic trip around the world. It would be great to visit all the most important and famous tourist spots. Unfortunately, I still cannot afford to go on such a trip. But last year I managed to save enough money to visit few famous and exciting cities, namely Paris, London and Los Angeles.

I set off to London on May 23. I travelled by plane and arrived at Heathrow Airport late in the evening. I took a taxi and went straight to the Crown Youth Hostel. Next day, I got up early in the morning, had a cup of coffee and some toasts with butter and jam and started sightseeing. First, I wanted to see one of the city's most iconic landmarks-Big Ben, a massive bell inside the Clock Tower, also called St. Stephen's Tower. It weighs over 13 tons. The clock looks spectacular at night when its illuminated. The clock first rang across Westminster on 31 May 1859. When I was admiring Big Ben, a man approached me and asked whether I knew the history concerning the origins of the name of the bell. I did not and asked him to tell me something about it. The man turned out to be a retired tour guide and he explained that there are two different theories concerning the origins of the name Big Ben. The first says that it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the first commissioner of works leading to building of the Tower. The other theory is that the name comes from the champion of the prize ring at that time, Benjamin Caunt, also known as 'Big Ben'. The clock has rarely stopped and timekeeping is strictly regulated by the workers of the Greenwich Observatory. I also saw the Houses of Parliament which are adjacent to Big Ben. I also went inside Westminster Abbey. Next, I went to see Tower of London, which houses the Crown Jewels. Built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, the Tower used to be a palace, a prison, an arsenal and even a zoo. On the second day of my stay in London, I watched something absolutely amazing. It was Changing the Guard, a royal ceremony conducted outside Buckingham Palace at 11.30am everyday. Crowds of tourists gathered in front of the palace gate to watch a New Guard exchange duty with the Old Guard, accompanied by a Guards band playing the Beatles's hits.

Of course, London has many more places worth visiting like for example Windsor Castle, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul's Cathedral or various museums and galleries: Madame Tissaud's, Tate's, National Gallery, British Museum or Natural History Museum. Unfortunately, I did not manage to visit those places as I had to leave to Paris.

I set off to France late in the evening on May 25. I travelled there by train and the journey took me about four hours. It was a really exciting experience to travel under the sea. I was amazed by the sight of the Eiffel Tower which I watched from the bus taking me to the hotel. I planned to have a night walk through Paris' streets but I was so existed that changed my mind and went to bed straight after arriving in the hotel. Next day sunshine coming to my room through the open window woke me up early in the morning. I had traditional French breakfast consisting of delicious, crispy croissants filled with chocolate and a cup of coffee with milk. After breakfast, I went to the Louver, the worldwide known museum housing famous and beautiful paintings, among which there is "Mona Lisa" painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The next important place I saw to was the Triumphal Arch. This large monument, resembling in its shape a gate, was built to commemorate some important event. As it was lunchtime, I became hungry and decided to have lunch at the restaurant. I wanted to try traditional French cuisine therefore I ordered snails. At first, I was a bit suspicious about the meal but when I finally tasted it, it turned out to be delicious. The main dish was followed by excellent French wine and some cheese with lettuce salad. After lunch, I visited the Notre-Dame Cathedral and then had a long evening walk through the streets of Paris. I also went to the pub where I had a glass of delicious wine and met some interesting people among whom there were also artists-painters and sculptors. As I was leaving to Los Angeles next day, I had to see the most characteristic and famous landmark of Paris-the Eiffel Tower. I took an elevator to get to the top of the tower. The panorama of the city that I saw was absolutely amazing. I also had a cup of strong coffee in one of the cafes located in the Eiffel Tower and then went to Charles de Gaulle Airport to take a plane to the United States.

My journey was very long and I arrived at Los Angeles very tired. However, after sleeping nearly fifteen hours, I regained energy and was ready to enjoy my time in that awesome city. Los Angeles, also called City of Angeles, is a metropolis situated the State of California the United States of America. It is the second largest city in the country and the largest in California. Its great area covers more than 88 000 square kilometers in the southern part of the state on the Pacific coast. I spent three days in Los Angeles. During that time, I sunbathed on the beach of Santa Monica, swam in the ocean and tried to learn surfing. I also went to Beverly Hills, the most fashionable and expensive district of Los Angeles, where the world's major film companies have studios and where many famous film actors live. In the evenings, I enjoyed myself going to the clubs or beach parties and making new friends. Unfortunately, my holidays were coming to the end so I had to pack my suitcases and leave Los Angeles on August 2.

That was the journey of my lifetime. I have never seen so many amazing places as I did during my trip. It cost me a lot of money but it was definitely worth it. There are still so many places I would like to visit, like for example Egypt and its famous pyramids, China, Brazil, Australia…maybe some day I will manage to make my dream come true.