Some people ask: "Is there still such a thing as a job for life?" I think that yes. Homever, more and more  employees are considering to chang careers. Recent studies show that in the United States 1 in 5 respondents change jobs each year, in other countries this figure is even higher. Therefore - whether work should be work for life? In my opinion, everything depends on you, your destiny and circumstances.

Oriana Fallaci - Italian journalist and writer - once said: "Glory is a heavy burden, a deadly poison, and the lifting of the glory that is the art. Hold it's really rare. 'There is no doubt that if you're an artist, you'll have it forever. I believe in destiny and that is why I believe that people like artists, doctors, teachers, police officers or firefighters are simply created to do what they do.

 On the other hand, it is perfectly all right to change jobs (though not necessarily career) once or twice in a lifetime. It's not even a question of money or obtain a promotion (inability to obtain promotion). Sometimes you need a change in your life to feel happier. I do not see nothing wrong with self-development. It is always good to get new experiences and meet new people. But - what too much is not healthy!

 Genius is not mistaken, all his mistakes are intentional and are a gateway to new discoveries," - said James Joyce and totally agree with him. Yet most of us geniuses do not include so happen to us in life mistakes. So it seems obvious that the first job is usually not the latter. Especially now, when starting to work with teenagers, it is difficult to deal with the same throughout his life. Finding your own way and achieve their goals in life takes time. However, I truly believe that each of us is good at something - it does not matter whether it is cooking, climbing and writing.

 It may sound strange, but to me quite natural to seek their own destiny. Of course, I am aware of the fact and try to use all the opportunities it gives me life. My biggest dream in life is to do what I love most and be at this as the best and I suppose everyone would like to find their "work life". Although sometimes the answer to the question, "Who should be," I do not come right away, worth the wait and not give up. In the end - the improvement is never too late.