The problem is whether we should ban death penalty or should we accept it. There are arguments for and against this problem.

The argument for is that that some crimes are so unforgivable - like murder - that we are thinking “There is no better verdict for this criminal” but on the other hand is it right to sink on the criminal’s level? We want to show the perpetrator our pain after losing someone close to our hearts and give it back to him by doing him harm just like the one he did to us and this could be another argument for this kind of penalty. But is it fair for his family or friends to take them back someone they love? This is not their fault that he is evil or that he did such an horrible thing.

What the law is saying about death penalty? In Poland the last was made in 1988 on a man who was accused of  committing a rape and murder. After that Polish law substituted death penalty for life sentence.

Was that right? Will we ever experience fair sentence? For all the families which lost their beloved people every verdict will be insufficient.

Joanna Rolnik