General  Knowledge

Hip-Hop is a culture consisting of four main parts: MC’ing, DJing, graffiti and b-boying. It is a fashion, slang, film, business, theatre or even architecture. Hip-hop is ideology, art and style of life. Hip-Hop culture comes from social outcasts. Its origin is nonconformist to east worth system and aesthetics, for example it doesn’t shun vulgar expression.

Hip-Hop  History

Hip-Hop developed among young people in Brookline, New York in the early 1970s. The author of Hip-Hop music is DJ Kool Herc from Jamaica. He played his music at Bronx streets. Hip-Hop started to be more popular in 1980s. Next years it became more, and more popular in mass media. Rap became popular not only among black public but among other ethnic groups, too.


Master Of Ceremonies in rap music – rapper entertaining the public his rhymes singing to music. MC has to rhyme. In rappers’ slang it is called freestyle. The first MCs in USA appeared at the beginning of 70s XX century. They improve their skills by writing rhymes and practising. The majority of rappers “freestyled” with the others and had more experience and respect after winning. Nowadays  are fight for rhymes between the different districts in a lot of towns USA. Formers MCs are rappers today, people singing and creating hip-hop songs. The most famous rappers are Eminem, 50cent and 2Pac.


Disc Jockey is a person who properly selects and plays music often original sound by mixing, using sounds effects, sometimes by adding life music so called freestyle. DJ keeps a contact with the public and tries to enjoy them.


Inscriptions or symbols putting on the walls, difficult to read by people who don’t understand it. There are special walls where artists can paint legal. Graffiti can presents anything. The more funny drawing it presents the more respect the author receives.


Another name is breakdance. It is a dance which demands from the dancers staying  in shape and sense of rhythm. It depends on showing different elements of dance such as Toprock, Power Movies, Freeze, Drop, Footwork. There are the fights of dancers thanks them every dancer can gain the respect or have a lot of fun.