Dear Madam/ Sir,

Referring to the advertisement you gave in 'Travel and Work', I write with regard to the work announcement. I read about the company, that it organizes work placements in England and other English-speaking countries. I am an informatics' technologist and I am interested in working in Africa. This is why I would like to inform you, that I am interested in a job in an organization in Zimbabwe. Please, consider me a candidate for this job.

For five years I worked in Juan Institute in Madrid, where I had chance to practice my skills and gain experience. In my work I learned much about several computerized systems, which are used in many different technological companies. I had a chance to educate as well. I took part in courses about the modification of the computers, which were organized by the University of Madrid. I completed all of them successfully. Moreover, I know technical and business English very well. I have many acquaintances all around the world. I also know some people working in computer department in Zimbabwe.

My goal is to collect enough money to start my own researches in technology. I also hope to improve my skills of speaking foreign languages and to get to know people interested in computer technology in other places of the world. I am ready to start this job immediately.

In enclose I send you the CV and my certificates in English language.

I am looking forward to your reply,

Yours sincerely,


  1. A letter to a friend informing her of what happened to you and asking for a piece of advise.

Dear Sheila,

I am writing to inform you that i finally made some decisions about my future. I did, what you had told me to do- I applied for this job. I think it is time to take advantage the opportunities that present themselves. I already had the first interview and the company is supposed to contact me tomorrow. I think I was well prepared at the interview and told them everything they wanted to hear. Therefore it is possible that I will soon visit your country! I hope we will meet there.

Although I know much about the work I probably will be doing, and about the town as well, I still have no idea, where I might live in Slovakia. I thought thet perhaps you could give me a piece of advice. Do you know some places, where I could hire a room? As you may know, I will not have much money at the beginning so it would have to be cheap.

I also thought about the summer house of yours. Do you have any visitors there? If not, would it be possible that I stay there when in Bratislava? I would be delighted to live not far from you. Of course, I would pay you as any normal visitor.

I would appreciate your quick reply.

Take care of yourself. I hope we will meet soon.