My boyfriend's name is Mike. He is 16 years old and we go to one school together. We got to know, when we were small kids. We meet very often and we know much about each other. We live in Krakow and we used to be neighbors, but he moved to another district of the city one year ago. He is very nice and he has many friends. He doesn't like school, but he has good grades. Mike has two sisters, one of them is 23 and the other is 14. He likes animals very much. At his house he has a cat- Tiger and a dog- Frodo. The cat is all black and Frodo is white with black tail and has long fur.

Mike is quite tall, most of his friends are smaller than him. He is very skinny. His hair is black and very short. He has green eyes and long lashes. His nose is small and round. He usually wears loose clothes, he likes blouses in dark colors. Generally, he looks very handsome.

Mike has a great sense of humor. When I am with him, I always laugh. He knows hundreds of jokes and he tells them very often. Moreover, he is also sensitive and reliable. I can talk to him about everything I want. He gives me advices, when I am in trouble. I know he would never tell my secrets to anyone. He supports me. I am sure that he understands my troubles. In my opinion he is really a wonderful person. The only thing, which I don't like about Mike is that he is quite shy- he rarely says, what he thinks. I have to ask him many qiestions to get to know, what is going on in his head.

I spend much time with him and I really like it, when he is near to me. I think I really love him. There is a theory, which says that we are like split apples and every one has his/her second part of the apple somewhere on Earth. I think that Mike is my second part…