Life in a village is both wonderful and hard. For me, the most important advantage of it is that such life is in general much more healthy than life in a city. The person from the country has a chance to be close to nature. He can breathe fresh air. He drinks clear water. Furthermore, he can make most of food himself, and he is sure that he eats good and healthy things. He doesn't have to deal with constant noise. There are no traffic problems in the country. The life follows natural rhythm. People living rural life are less stressed. They also know each other better and have more friends. They are not as anonymous as people in the city.

Nevertheless, rural life has also its disadvantages. Many people there have serious difficulties with finding a job. If they cannot become farmers, they have not many other ways of earning their living. In the country there are fewer shops. Also different services are not available there. The level of education provided in the schools on the countryside is in general lower than in the city. To get better education, people have to move to the city. Moreover, there are not many possibilities of entertainment. There are no interesting pubs or discos. You cannot go to the cinema, not mentioning the theatre or museum. This can make life in the country boring especially for young people.

Summing up, in my opinion, not everyone could live in a village. Those, who enjoy silence and peace will find rural life wonderful. But for people willing to make professional careers or caring for adventures and different forms of entertainment, the city is much better place to live.