In Poland Christmas is the most important holiday. It is the time, when we meet people, whom we love and when we are very kind and good to each other. In every house there is a Christmas tree decorated with glass balls, paper stars, gingers and colorful lights. Some of us build a small Bethlehem- a crib with the baby Jesus inside, the holy Maria and Joseph.

When we meet at the Christmas Eve, before we start eating we share the bread and wish each other all good things. In some houses, one person reads from the Bible about the birth of Christ. Afterwards we may start eating. Traditionally we serve no meat at the Christmas Eve supper. We have twelve dishes, but they vary depending on the place where we live. In most houses red borsch is served together with ravioli. There is a fried fish also- mostly carp. There should also be a fish in a jelly. There is also sour cabbage cooked together with mushrooms and pies. My mother prepares different kinds of pierogi- with cabbage, with mushroom and with cheese. In some parts of Poland people eat kutia. It is a dish made from seeds, nuts, almonds, dry fruit, raisins and honey.

After the supper there comes a desert- we eat many different kinds of cakes. My mother bakes poppy seed cake, cheese cake and gingerbread. We also have an interesting thing to drink- stewed dried fruit. In some families people drink wine, but in mine there is no alcohol served on Christmas Eve.

On that evening people give each other presents- in my house it is said that there comes The Angel and brings these presents. They are laid under the Christmas tree and we can unpack them after the meal. In my family we also sing Christmas carols in the evening.

When midnight comes, we go to the church for the special mess. On this mess the birth of Christ is reminded and celebrated. There we also sing carols and pray.

The following day is the first day of Christmas and it is a day when we meet our relatives. We visit them or receive them as guests and we sit, talk and eat for the whole day. The second Christmas Day- 26th December is a day when me and my family takes good rest. Sometimes we meet our friends and sometimes we simply stay at home, read books, watch TV or sleep.

I really like Christmas because it is the time, when all my family spends time together. It doesn't happen often. Moreover- I really like giving and receiving presents, even these small ones. They remind me thet there are people, who love me.