We all know that one of the most important things in life is family. It provides us love and safety and it is helpful in solving several problems. Today it happens that we have to choose between career and family. Professional work can give us money, it helps us get a good social position. People face a problem- what is more important, family or career.

Young people, who are well-educated and ambitious, want to have success in job and get much money. When job is very important, a person doesn't have enough time to have dates, meet friends or be with family. It happens that working young people have no time to contact their parents, forget about them. They don't notice that they loose their private lives. It can cause hard arguments between them and their families.

Different problem have middle aged people. They often have to choose, if they prefer devoting themselves to their family and earn little money, or making great career at the expense of family life. For example, if a man has his family- wife and children, he should not choose the career. It might cause many difficulties and even destroy the closest relationships. it is different if a man is single and is not interested in changing his private life. Then career can give him happiness, help in relieving stress and make him more self-complete. Work may be an adventurous challenge. Also women face the need to choose between family and career. There exists a stereotype in our society that a woman have to care for children and do work at home. It still happens that a married woman stays at home and gives up professional work.

To make a good decision, we need to ask ourselves, what does family mean to us. We can frequently hear that family is very important in someone's life. In a family we can feel safety, we have support and help in difficult situations, we are not alone. Having a good family, as well as working to support it makes the main goal in many people's lives.

To sum up, I hope that I will not have to make such difficult choice- between family and career. I hope that I can manage to have both. I think that money is not the only thing that gives happiness. For me family is most important in life and I don't want to change my mind.