Internet is a relatively new mean of information. Some decades ago, only few people could use it. Nowadays almost all people have access to Internet. It is the best source of information, news and knowledge. Also the virtual post proves to be very useful. Internet makes our lives easier. Staying at home, we may read news from the whole world, find interesting information in several encyclopedias. There are even whole books and scientific articles in the net. What is more, we may send letters and do the shopping. Many people today buy necessary things using Internet. Nevertheless, we need to remember that Internet shopping is not always and not only advantageous.

Some people claim that Internet shopping has too many disadvantages. First of all, you can never be sure, if you really get the stuff that you need. It happens that you pay and afterwards you get something completely different. There is nothing we can do about it. It is important that you get to know something about the seller. We may ask others if it is reliable. Furthermore, it is bad that we have to pay money for the product and additionally for the delivery, which may even double the price. If it happens that we have to send the parcel back, then we lose really lot of money. Moreover, for some people going to the shop is the only time when they move from the chair. If they start shopping in Internet, then they deprive themselves even of this form of motion. They get fatter and often fall ill. Last but not least, there are less 'real' shops and less people find employment.

However, Internet shopping has some good points as well. Such form of shopping requires less time and is much easier. You may find the product you need much faster than in 'real' shops. You are also given wide variety of choices. Moreover, in general products in Internet shops are cheaper than those in 'real' shops.

I generally do the normal shopping. I have only bought stuff in Internet twice. I bought a book and a CD of my favorite band. They are of good quality, I think. Nevertheless, I prefer shopping with my friends in supermarkets than doing it alone in front of the computer screen.