What differs amateur from professional sports is that in the latter, those who participate are paid for doing it. Being a professional sportsman is quite beneficial, but there are also many disadvantages of it.

To start with, I will mention good points of it. The most important thing seems to be money. Some sportsmen earn extremely much money. Especially profitable are such sports as tennis, football and box. Money make people more willing to exercise hard and to develop their skills. That's why many people want to become professional sportsmen. Moreover, good and famous sportsmen are also used to advertise some products. They have their sponsors who provide them with professional equipment. It also provides a possibility to learn much about sports. Nevertheless, matters connected with money may become problematic for professional sportsmen. Some people say that sport should not be commercial. They claim it is contradictory to the basic idea of sport, which says that sportsmen should compete for the sake of personal development and sheer joy. Nowadays for many professional sportsmen sport means not much more than just making money. In consequence, it happens that they prefer to lose and earn more than win and earn less. We all heard about selling box fights or football matches.

The ability to watch different sport disciplines in TV and propagating them in other media, makes people more and more interested in sports. People get to know many sports and sometimes want to do them themselves. Nevertheless, some sport disciplines cannot develop anymore, because they are not enough commercial. English cricket makes good example of such sports.

Furthermore, what attracts people to professional sports is fame. Many sportsmen are considered stars and authorities in contemporary world. They are famous in the whole world. People from their countries adore them especially. But being famous may also become problematic. A well-known person has less privacy. It can be very disturbing. For many sportsmen, sport is the way of making professional career. They dedicate their whole lives to trainings. But being a professional sportsmen is possible almost only in young age. When the career ends, many of them find out that they had no time for family and they are lonely. They may have difficulties in finding another job as well. Their bodies are tired and not so fit anymore. It may have really bad consequences in their future.

Nevertheless, sportsmen can be really proud of themselves. The memories of victories make them feel good and valuable. Additionally, the fame and love of the others gives much satisfaction. However, becoming the professional sportsman is not easy. There are many people who train a lot, but only few of them have a chance to be the best and earn money on sport. Some try to achieve better results with help of illegal substances or by corrupting. Those who are the best may have emotional problems. These problems are often the results of stress and too high ambitions and expectations, which are difficult to meet.

To sum up, there are many advantages and disadvantages of being a professional sportsman. There is no simple answer to the question, if it is good or bad. Personally, I wouldn't like to make sport my way of living and earning money. However, I think that for some people it is very good and profitable. I am also keen on watching sport on TV. Right now, I am going to watch ski jumping.