My last holidays were the most unusual holidays in my whole life. I decided to go with a couple of my friends to Ibiza. We thought it was a perfect place for holiday-hot, beautiful and crowded with tourists from all over the world. We planned to swim in the warm sea and lie on the beach, sunbathing all days.

I borrowed my mum's car and we started our journey. First, we set off to Berlin. When we approaching the city, the car broke down and we had to call the road assistance. We had to find another means of transoprt to get to France. One of my friends had the idea of hitch-hiking. We all agreed and tried to stop a car. After a while, a blue honda stopped and a nice, middle-aged lady gave us a lift to Paris. In Paris, we took a train to Italy. The journey was quite comfortable but long and when we arrived at Neapol, we all were very tired. We spent one night at a youth hostel and then continued our journey to Ibiza. We took a plane and got to Ibiza in less than two hours.

Because all our adventures on the way to Ibiza took so much time, we could spend only four days in the island. But those were the best four days of my holidays. The weather was perfect, food was delicious and people very friendly and sociable. My friends and me really enjoyed ouerselves and we are now planning to go to Ibiza next year. But this time we are going to travle by plane straight from Warsaw.