This year I spent my summer holidays in Britain with my cousin Stella. Our exploit began in Warsaw, where we started our journey. Although I was a little afraid, I enjoyed the flight. After two hours later we landed at Heathrow, where our aunt and uncle had already been waiting for us. When we stayed there, we enjoyed fine weather all the time, which was rather unexpected for Britain. It was sunny and very hot. We visited Stonehenge, Brighton, the Lake District and a lot of museums in London, of course.

We spent one day in the Isle of Man where we could listen to the speakers of local dialect. It would be rather difficult for us to learn as we can speak English only. We saw the Manx Museum and Wildlife Park, but we had too little time for other tourist attractions.

I hoped to see much more, but our stay was over and, with tears in our eyes, we left the British Isles. I would like to go there again, as it was the holiday of my life.