Some people think that it is strange but my best friend is my sister. Her name is Ania and, of course, I know her very well. She is 3 years older than I am and she is in secondary school now. We both live in Poznań and we were in the same primary school and gymnasium. Now I want to go to the same secondary school. In the morning we wake up at the same hour and together prepare ourselves for the school. Then we go together because my school is near her school.

Ania, or "Ana" as I called her when I was very young, is quite similar to me. Or rather I am similar to her. She is as all as I am. She has almost the same dark hair. My hair is longer. She has grey eyes, small nose and light complexion. Her face is oval. She also dresses like me because we both like dark clothes. She is very good at math and she always helps me when I have problems (and I have problems with math very often). She wants to study mathematics in the future. She reads many books, especially modern literature. She often goes to discos and dances. She likes listening to rock music and her favourite bands are Radiohead and Metallica. She does not like watching TV and in this case I do not agree with her. She likes meeting interesting people. I like my sister because I can always talk with her and tell her about my problems.