War is definitely the worst thing which can happen to humans. It causes many bad events. The people are killed during the war, other have to kill even if they do not want to. Other people suffer hunger and families are separated. The worst kind of war is an atomic war. It will destroy the civilisation. The mankind will be in the Stone Age again.

The words of Albert Einstein are a warning and should make us think about the war and how to prevent it. We must do it or we will be lost. But the war destroys not only material things and it is not only the destruction of technology which is a danger to us. It harms the souls of the people who fight and this may also mean the end of civilisation. It is not only a speculation - we saw that this happened during wars in the 20th century. The soldiers who return home cannot forget about fighting. They cannot live normally again and they sometimes are dangerous to their families. This is another reason to do something to stop all wars and not allow new ones to start.