1. She said to me: "I don't understand what you say."

She told me that she didn't understand what I said.

2. "Will Ann come tomorrow?" I asked.

I asked if/ whether Ann would come the next day.

3. He warned me "Don't go there."

He warned me not to go there.

4. She answered "I will be back next Tuesday."

She answered she would be back the following Sunday.

5. He said "I picked up a gorgeous girl."

He told me that he had picked up a gorgeous girl.

6. "Try using this key again."

He advised me to try using that key again.

7. My Dad said to me "Your buddy is waiting for you."

My Dad told me that my buddy was waiting for me.

8. Mike announced "Claudia and I are engaged."

Mike announced that Claudia and he were engaged.

9. "What platform does the train leave from?"

Jerry asked what platform the train left from.

10. He reminded "The conference will take place next month."

He said that the conference would take place the next week.

11. "I obey my master", he said.

He said he obeyed his master.

12. She replied "I had no opportunity to do it."

She replied that she had had no opportunity to do it.

13. Morpheus asked Neo: "Do you really want to swallow this pill?"

Morpheus asked Neo whether/if he really wanted to swallow that pill.

14. Will promised: "I will do my best."

Will promised that he would do his best.

15. The worker said: "Our factory was built three years ago."

The worker said that their company had been built three years before.

16. He remarked" "If it gets cold, we will put on our coats"

He remarked if it got cold, we would put on our coats.

17. Michael Jordan said: "I will retire from NBA next season"

MJ said that he would retire from NBA the next season.

18. Am I looking pale today?

She asked everyone if she was looking pale that day.19. Did Tristan send Isolde flowers?

We tried to find out whether Tristan sent Isolde flowers.

20. "Why are you being so nasty?" she asked me.

She enquired why I was being so nasty.