Polecenie: Wybrać poprawne uzupełnienie luki spośród czterech odpowiedzi:

1: Who _______ you that lovely present?   a)did give   b)'d given   c)was given   d) gave

2: Do you mind me asking where _________ from?  a) you come b) does she come         c)you coming d) do you come

3: _________ to tell me what’s going on.  a) I Wonder you b) I’d like you c) I’m interested  d)Would you mind

4: They ______ in that lovely old house since 1980. a)’ve lived b)live c) are living d) recently lived

5: Have you e-mailed your brother _____? A) last week b) for a month c) in the summer d)lately

6: I ___ for my wallet for fifteen minutes, I think I’ve lost it. A)being looking b)looked     c)’ve been looking d)’m looking

7: Where’s my car key? I ____ it on the table last night. a) ‘ve left b)’d left c)was leaving d)left

8: He published his first novel last year and it ___ a prize a)’s awarded b) ‘s been awarded c)’s be awarded d)has awarded

9:How much were ___ in your last job? A)you been paid b) you being payed c)you being paid d) you paying

10: You ____ your instructions when you arrive. A) ‘ve given b)are giving c)giving           d)’ll be given

11: He _____ living alone but now he prefers to share a flat. A) use to like b) would like to   c) used to like d) liked to

12: I wish ____ a foreign language but I didn’t have the choice at school a)I could speak       b) to speak c)I’d spoke d) I could to speak

13:The train ______ at 6:10 tomorrow morning. a)went b)’s leaving c)leaves d)going to leave

14:He _______ tired when he gets home from football practice. A) ‘s likely to be b)likely be        c) likes to be d)’ll like to be

15: They _____ come if you invite the Smiths. A) ‘ll probably to b) won’t probably               c) ‘re definitely d) definitely won’t

16:  When we walked into the room, music _____ softly on the radio. A) was playing             b) playing c) had played d) was played

17: They _____ for ages when they finally heard the plane strike was over. A) was waiting    b) ‘d be waiting c)’d been waiting d) waited

18:  The washing machine has just broken down for the fifth time. I wish I _____ it.              A) didn’t buy b) ‘d never bought c)wasn’t bought d) never bought

19: I wish I didn’t have to go out tonight. I ____ the meeting. A) wish I cancelled                  b) should cancelled c) should’ve cancel d) should’ve cancelled

20: They’ll never get used _____ in the heat of the tropics. A) to live b)to living c) living      d) live

21: How many people travelled ____ space? A) in b) in the c) – d) at

22: I wish he wouldn’t drive at 100 miles _____ hour on the motorway. A) – b)the c) an      d)in an

23: If you lent me your car, I ______ it back by 8:30 a) could bring b) could brought c) bring d) can’t bringing

24: If we _____ the contract, would you agree to all your demands? A) was to sign                b) were to sign c) would to sign d) weren’t signing

25: You can come in _____ you are over 18. A) providing to b) as long c) providing d)supposing

26: We _______ to leave the country until we’d shown our passports. A) mustn’t                   b) weren’t allowed c) were obliged d) didn’t have

27: My boss ______ take a day off to go to my sister’s weeding. A) made b) allowed c) let me d) let

28: Although she’d twisted her ankle, she _______ get to the nearest hospital a) managed      b) managed to c)were able to d) could

29: This time next week, I ______ on a beach in the Caribbean.  A) ‘ll lie b) might lie            c) be lying d) ‘ll be lying

30: What do you think you ____ by 2020? A) ‘ll be done b) be achieving c) ‘ll have achieved d) ‘ll be achieving

31: ______ of people will protest against the proposed new superstore in the town.                a) A large amount b) Quite many c) Hardly any d) A large number

32:Do _____ you fell like going out tonight? A) none b) either of c) any d) neither

33: What did she say we ______ having for dinner tonight? A) might b) had c) would d)were

34: I wanted to know why ______ called me a) hadn’t he b) he hadn’t  c) he haven’t              d) he isn’t

35: They told _____ start work the following Monday. A) I will b) me I could c) me I can     d) I could

36: If he ______ sunglasses today, he’d have been recognised. A) wore b) didn’t wear c) hadn’t worn d) ‘d wear

37: We _____ been home by now if we hadn’t missed the bus. A) weren’t b) would’ve          c) will have d) ‘d

38: If she hadn’t ignored her teacher’s advice, she ______ to university. A) had gone             b) would’ve gone c) has gone d) hadn’t gone

39: You _______ get up early if you want arrive on time tomorrow a) ‘d better b) be better    c) ‘ll better not d) are better to

40: You should go to the doctor if you keep _____ sore throats a) to feel b) to getting            c) getting d) feeling

41: It’s not worth _____ that film. It’s awful. A) to see b) see c) to seeing d) seeing

42: He stopped _________ after three months because it was damaging his knees a) to jog    b) jogging c) to jogging d) for to jog

43: I’ll never _______ in a plane for the first time a) forget to travel b) remember to travel     c) forget travelling d) remember travelling

44: You _______ seriously hurt if you hadn’t been wearing your seatbelt. A) could’ve been   b) have been c) ‘d been d) must’ve been

45: You _______ the noise of the party last night. We were very quiet. A) ‘ve heard              b) must’ve heard c) couldn’t hear d) can’t have heard

46: The village ______ I lived for two years was very isolated a) who b)where c)that d) whom

47: I didn’t like the woman ______ I spoke to on the phone a) – b) which c) whose d)what

48: We’re having dinner with some friends ______ work in the same office a) that they         b) who they c) whose d) that

49: He almost fell off his bike _______ round the corner a) that going b) going c) to going d)went

50: A painting ______ by a 10 year old boy has won 1000$ in a competition. A) done            b) been done c) that had done d) is done