Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been working in your company for three months as a secretary, and in many ways I am very satisfied with the work. Nevertheless, there are one or two details that I think we should look at. 

Firstly, the computers appear to be models from a former epoch. They are very old models, and working with them is a real challenge. I must say that the work takes a lot of time, which could be used in a more rational way. The computers are, in fact, not very satisfactory, because they often switch off and this leads to the loss of important files. For these reasons, I would suggest that the computers need to be replaced in a short period of time.

Secondly, the canteen. At present, appears to be a significant safety risk. The food which is served in our canteen is devoid of any nutritious ingredients which are essential for the proper function of our bodies. The drinks, served in the canteen, should stimulate the functions of our intellect. I do trust you will be able to ensure that the canteen provides healthy meals.

Finally, the lighting. Many workers have to stay longer at work, which means that they have to use the lamps. It is important to have proper lightning at work. The inappropriate lightning can affect the sight of the workers. Currently, the number of lamps is not very high, and almost all of them needs to be replaced.

I hope that my requests would be considered favourably.

Yours faithfully,