Date: 11.04.2007

Subject: Mobbing in Poland


I had prepared a report on mobbing in Poland. I have found information in the Internet, I have analyzed statistics and I have read researches made by CBOS in 2002.


  1. 5% of employees are victims of mobbing and 12% say that they have similar situation.
  2. The most often form of mobbing is bad atmosphere at work and various punishments such as: obligation to stay longer at work without paying for this hours or no possibility to go for holiday.
  3. 16 % of victims said that they are bad treated by their chief, 4% of respondents claimed that they were bad treated by their contributors.
  4. Employees of small companies are more often bad treated by their chief than in big corporations.
  5. Usually, the victims of mobbing are people whose circs are worse.
  6. The lower position in the company, the bigger scale of the occurrence.


  1. Pure range of reference.
  2. Establishing rules of fair play game between employers.
  3. Regular conferences about violence in workplace.
  4. Popularize good model of behavior
  5. Establishing organizations that will take fight with mobbing.