A: Good morning! How can I help you? 

B: Good morning. I’m looking for a new computer. What could you recommend for me? 

A: Well, I will do my best to help you choose the computer that suits you the best. 

B: It’s nice to hear that.  

A: First of all: are you looking for a laptop or a desktop computer? 

B: Oh well, I thought about a laptop, because I’m travelling a lot around the country. 

A: For which purpose should it serve? Learning, working or maybe playing games? 

B: I’ve heard that gaming laptops are the most universal ones. And unfortunately, the most expensive. 

A: Hmm... that is true. Our shop offers a huge selection of laptops, but the most universal spices are these two. The Asus and the Lenovo. These two, here. Which you like more at the first sight? 

B: I’m interested in the Asus right here. How much does it cost? 

A: The cost of the laptop and the operation system is 4 000 zloty. 

B: That’s a lot of money... Are there any discounts? 

A: Of course, if you have a membership card you have a 15% off discount. Opening the card is free. Moreover, on our internet site, we are having a sale. You should check it out. It is possible that there is a discount on this computer. 

B: Oh really? I will definitely check the details on the site. But I will do it in home, without a rush. Now on, could you tell me something about a guarantee? How long it lasts, and which cases does it protect? 

A: The original producer’s guarantee lasts for two years, and provides you a free service in case of mechanical damage like burned graphics card. Of course, if the specialists say that it wasn’t your fault. 

B: You said about the original guarantee. Is there any other guarantee? 

A: Yes, our shop provides some extra paid warranty. You will get new device, or the old will be repaired even if your laptop has been damaged by the user. For example, it has been flooded. 

B: How much I have to pay for the extra guarantee? 

A: Well, it depends on the worth of the device. In this case, the cost of warranty is 700 zloty 

B: Again, that’s a lot of money... One last thing, can you show me the way of handling for this laptop? 

A: Yeah, no problem. So, first of all, put in the battery in the bottom of the device. When it is safely inserted, then connect the charger with the electrical socket. Next move is inserting the charger into the computer nest. Oh, here it is. The last step is starting the device. For this purpose, you press this button and voila!  

B: Ok, I think I understand. I need to think about buying this laptop. Thank you for helping me. See you soon 

A: You’re welcome. Goodbye.