Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is known as a famous discoverer and sailor. He intended to find a shorter sea route to Asia and sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean. He didn't succeed in finding it, but he discovered by accident some islands in the Caribbean Sea. After his first voyage in 1492 he became well-known. What is more, Columbus died in a short time whole-heartedly that he had reached west coast of India.

His early life

We aren't able to determine the exact date of Columbus' birth. We know that he was born between August 25 and October 31, 1451. The place he was born was Genoa. At that time Genoa was the capital of a kind of self-governing kingdom in the north part of Italy. Christopher was a son of Domenico Colombo who was a wool weaver. And his mother, Susanna Fontanarossa, came also from the family of wool weavers. In 1479 Christopher married Felipa Perestrello e Moniz who belonged to the famous Portuguese family. They had a son, Diego, who was born in 1480 and he died in 1506.

How it begins

Columbus was offered to get some ships by two Spanish aristocrats, but the permission of Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella was needed. In 1486 king didn't give Columbus the permission. They were afraid of Portugal and they didn't want to provoke the conflict. On the other hand, the religious monarchs wanted to profit from Columbus's trip. And when Columbus promised to help in getting back Jerusalem from the Muslims and rebuild the Jews' holy temple, monarchs agreed and influenced on Queen Isabella to give him the permission. So Columbus was given it on August 3, 1492 and That day he left Spain with three ships.