Today there are some people, who aren't interested in competing with their opponents, but they want to prove themselves how strong and courageous they are. Extreme sports give them a chance to compete with nature's forces. To take up this kind of activity you have to be unusually fit, have a great proficiency and strong nerves. What is more, you have to be aware that you take a big risk. Extreme sports are gathering more and more fans who aren't afraid of trying this kind of activity. Why they are the so popular? Why do they have so many followers?

At first, extreme sports are connected with the high pressure. Many people are attracted by the enormous desire to do something risky. They want to feel the adrenalin is getting going. What is more, they have to prove themselves that they are very strong.

Moreover, thanks to the extreme sports people are able to defeat their fear and weaknesses. It means that in this way they would feel mentally stronger.

Extreme sports continually evolve and the new disciplines are invented. Every one of us can find something interesting and exciting. What is more, they are trendy and many people want to try it at least once because of this fact. Sometimes in use of such performance they want to confirm their own strength and courage.

There are also some people who want to astonish others or just show off. They try to outdo others at inventing more risky and exciting sport. The development of extreme sports is straightly connected with the development of technology.

Extreme sports seem to be more and more popular and the number of fans of these activities is still increasing. People have a lot of ideas how to make your heart beat like mad or give the daredevils the creeps. I think that in the future the extreme sports will gather more and more fans and they will do well.


compete - współzawodniczyć

opponent - przeciwnik

have strong nerves - mieć mocne nerwy

evolve - ewoluować

performance - wyczyn

astonish - zaskoczyć czymś, zdumieć

show off - popisać się

invent - wynajdować

heart beats like mad - serce bije jak oszalałe

give the creeps - przyprawiać o gęsią skórkę