Theft in the Cracow ZOO.

Good evening everybody, you are listening to the radio Good Tidings. We are interrupting our programme to deliver you sad news from the last minute from Cracow.

About two hours ago, an awful crime has been commited in the ZOO in Cracow. An unknown person has stolen a famous kangaroo Filip from the cage. At 3 p.m. a young couple of visitors to the ZOO noticed that Filip's cage is opened. Alarmed by the lack of Filip inside, the couple instantly informed a ZOO guard about the situation who ordered to search all area of the ZOO. The police and fire brigade have joined the search nevertheless, after two hours of combing through the grounds belonging to the ZOO, no trace of Filip has been found. There is a suspicion that the animal has been kidnapped for ransom therefore the manager of the ZOO is waiting for a call demanding money for letting Filip free. However, the telephone has not rung yet. If anyone knows anything about Filip or about the people who have kidnapped him is asked to phone the nearest police station.

Thank you for listening us, you can be sure that we will keep you informed about the search of the kangaroo and if anything worth attention happens, we will interrupt our programme to deliver you the latest news.

Good night.