In my opinion a perfect school is a rich school with the best quality equipment and for example gym-halls and a swimming-pool. Classes shouldn't be so numerous to let teachers to have a better contact with their students. I wish teachers know how to stimulate pupils and they should know their subject backward to encourage pupils to broaden their horizons. They also should increase their qualification all the time.

In a perfect school there should be some rules but not very strict and teachers should know how to reword or punish pupils. Maybe it will make students go to school with pleasure and feel safe in it. According to me, in that kind of school there shouldn't be many home-works and students should have an opportunity to consult their problems with their teachers.

If I were a student in a perfect school I would like to exchange my knowledge with other students, even from abroad. I also would like to participate in a school's life. It would be also great if I can choose by myself subjects which I would like to learn. There should be a division between Arts and Science and for example in a second class of a secondary school you should have an opportunity to decide which of those courses you are interested in and which of them you would like to attend.

I think, that in a perfect school there should be a nice atmosphere and pupils shouldn't have to take private lessons to pass their exams. The perfect school should give you everything you need.