What kind of education is better: the traditional one or the progressive one? There is a wide debate concerning this problem. Both kinds of education have its advantages and disadvantages. I think that the better education is the progressive one. Traditional education depends on the textbook and dry information, whereas the progressive one prepares children better for the life in the contemporary world. The progressive education makes it possible to reach the better contact between teachers and children. In progressive education teachers try to teach about the real life and they find out the real situations as the examples. They avoid using the textbooks during the process of teaching. Many of these textbooks are out of date. By using the examples from real life children are able to understand everything better. The examples from real life make the lessons more interesting and they will be remembered for a long time. What is more, the pupils pay more attention to the teacher. I think that students should be tested only on the information taken from the "real world". This is more creative and better prepared to the future life and professional. I insist on the progressive education system, because it is more effective. They are closely dependent to students' activity and creativity. Pupils aren't afraid of school and teachers any more. Teachers are more tolerant and try to develop their minds. They aren't so strict. They award the pupils for their best ideas. Teachers should try to make up their own tasks instead of using the old textbooks. They will be understood by the pupils and will be more interesting. What is more, we shouldn't make the pupils to learn everything by heart. It is nonsense, because most of them don't understand the facts they are learning. Teachers should insist on the pupils' creativity, instead of making them to learn by heart. Moreover, they should encourage the pupils to make their own reaches and look for the solutions on their own. Students will be encouraged to ask as many questions as they want and teacher won't be perceived as the men who everything know. It happens often in the traditional education, when teachers seem to know every answer and only require the information. Sometimes pupils don't respect the teachers, because they are too serious and too demanding. In progressive education the teachers seem to be friendlier and act like friends. Pupils like them and respect their opinions. Teachers help them to solve their problems and advise when they need. In traditional education teachers are only fossilized old teachers who don't accept any changes. The progressive education gives a lot of possibilities to the teachers and don't required to use the old textbooks.