We usually complain about the living conditions in the city, but in fact we don't even try to improve them. There are a lot different possibilities how to make our town a better place for us. First of all, we can try to reduce the pollution of the environment, noise and the rate of crime. The worst problem the inhabitants of the city meet is the pollution of the different kinds. To solve this problem the cooperation with the City Council will be required. Some steps should be taken to inform people about the positive aspects of recycling. We should also try to reduce the number of rubbish we produce each day. What is more, the City Council should press the factories boards to equipped chimneys with filters to prevent emissions of harmful substances. We should think about environmental friendly technology of producing energy. The solution may be the building of mills.

Most of us complain about smog and noise made by trucks, cars and tramways. Instead of driving your car to work, try to commute. In this way you avoid traffic - jams and the air pollution will be lower. The public transport should be improved. The buses or tramways should run more often and they should be more comfortable. As far as the noise is considered, some protective glasses walls should be built nearby the biggest street in the city. What is more, the trucks shouldn't be allowed to drive in the city centre.

Apart from pollution and noise there is also another problem. I mean the increasing rate of crime. For the situation we all take the responsibility. Often we don't react when we are witnesses of vandalism, because we are afraid. We should support the further train of policemen and insist on installing cameras in the most crowded places. What is very important, every time when we see something wrong we have to react.

At the end I would like to pronounce that all of us can try to make the city a better and safer place to live. The living conditions depend in a large degree on us and our attitude.