The usual man living in England begins his day at 7 a.m.- he wakes up and takes a shower. When he gets dressed, he has a small breakfast. Usually he eats cornflakes with milk or yogurt or toasts with jam. At 8 o'clock he gets to his car and drives to work. Most Englishmen stay at work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but they have a break for lunch from 12 to 1 p.m. This is an hour spent mostly in restaurants or bars. An Englishman eats a meal there and talks to his friends and colleagues. The meal consists of a salad and sandwich or some fast-food. At 5 p.m. a typical man living in England drives home. There he meets his family and they have dinner together.

Most English people spend the evenings watching TV. Those, who have dogs go for a walk with them. Sometimes, they visit local pubs and meet friends there. In England people rarely visit others in their houses, but they prefer meetings in pubs or clubs. They can relax there, listen to the music, play darts or billiard. Drinking English beer, they discuss weather, love affairs of the well-known people or politics. It is very popular to watch football matches in pubs as well.

An Englishman does big shopping for the whole week on Saturday morning. The supermarkets are very crowded then. People go to local discounts or to the bigger stores outside towns. There they can buy everything that they need on lower price. They can also go to the cinema or restaurant, which are in shop-centers. On Saturday afternoon the typical Englishman cuts the grass and takes care of his garden. Afterwards, he goes to the theatre or cinema, meets his family or friends or simply rests on the bed. Weekend is also a good time for hobbies. People may go to sport clubs, read books, go outside the towns to enjoy nature.

On Sundays, people in England often go with their families for a trip. They love going to seaside towns, where they can sunbathe, swim and relax. There are some towns, which attract more people. These are: Brighton on the south of the country and Blackpool on the north. People who like fishing may go to a lake or a river and spend whole day sitting and waiting for a fish.

There are many places to go for long walks across England. English people love countryside and often spend their weekends there. There are wide areas of fields, hills and woods and it is nice to spend sunny das there.

When the weekend ends, an Englishman is refreshed and is ready to begin another busy week.