My ideal home is a big flat at the centre of small town. It isn't so modern because I like ancient era so much. But my flat is got television, computer and radio. It has got kitchen, bathroom (with shower) and three bedrooms. It's also got a large living room included bookcase and fireplace. The flat hasn't got a balcony or garden. It's got a view on beautiful park.

Today, I am in my real home which I like too. I live here with my parents, younger sister and grandmother. My parents are in living room and they're watching a new film in TV. My sister is in her room and she's listening to music. I'm in my bedroom now. I've got a new keyboard to tablet and I'm writing it.

My favourite room is (naturally) my bedroom. It's got a big bed, old television, desk with computer, bookcase with my favourite novels and shelf with souvenirs. From my window I can see just neighbours' house. I like my bedroom because it's small and cosy.